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My video kept repeating.  I've been asleep for 36 hours, only to be wakened intermittently by the commercial for Purina Dog Chow!
Oh heck, not a problem!
Never bothered to return my phone call. Couldn't leave her a message because her voice mail is full. When I texted her, she returned several texts with excuses and seemed angry that I was unhappy. She didn't seem overly concerned about me.. not sure she would be trusted enough to groom my dogs if that's the case. No thanks.
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No one answers the phone for a reservation, I called no less than 5 times!. Party of 8 going elsewhere. They must not need the revenue.
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Our service is great.. we live out in the boonies with no option for Comcast. Century Link was throttling our service, so AireBeam was a great solution. We recommend them to everyone out here.
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The Prime Rib here is just delicious. The restaurant is owned by Lawry and their influence is everywhere, but we had a really nice meal here. The waiter was really friendly and knowledgeable and the history of the restaurant is wonderful. The only suggestion I'd give them is that they seem rather dated on the interior and the staff no longer wears the kilts and so some of the ambiance has gone by the wayside. I hope they bring it back.. it's a real great spot for prime rib.
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We had great service from this company. They go out of their way to deliver quickly, and their prices are so much better than anywhere we've found.
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Great service, highly recommend! Even my son has begun using their service. We've been with them just over two years and they have had 100% accuracy in mail forwarding requests.. love that they are so reliable!
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My husband and I stayed here two nights and overall, the hotel is a great spot. The offerings and rooms are, somewhat average by all accounts, but you can't get past the history of the place. The pool is beautiful and the service from the staff was great. We would definitely stay here again as it was convenient to everything we wanted to do.
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