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neerdy4lyf kiyo

Trainer name: Yuukiyo
Team: instinct
Level: 13
Area: Littleton

Hello! I'm team instinct living in Littleton Colorado, was wondering if any one else on the same team lived near me

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Klenspop Circle lens Review: Bunny 3 Color Grey
In my excitement I forgot to announce the next review I would be doing for Klenspop, for that I am super sorry! I got caught up with work and medical things, Needless to say I am fine, just pulled something in my leg and ready to do this review! So who is r...

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Klenspop Bunny Color Brown: Review
First off I would like to say sorry for taking so long but the moment is finally here!!! That's right~ I got my lenses and now I am ready to do the review! So buckle your seat belts, sit tight, and remember to keep all hands in feet inside at all time. ( I ...

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So it begins
As you all know I haven't been around very much, BUT this time I promise I will be, I will be doing mostly reviews on circle lenses and if I get lucky then I'll be doing review for other beauty products. So with out further-ado I announce the first person t...

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Twilight green sponsor review
Sorry for taking so long!! I was really busy with work and finally got a day off!!! So here it is the much anticipated post! My twilight green review.  Twilight green lens: Details Diameter-15.0 mm Water content-+ 38% Base curve- 8.6 mm Life span- Three mon...

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Why my long trip to the wizarding world was just fantastic.
 First off I would like to apologize for my month of being absent and not posting so much. The wizarding world is very serious about not allowing muggle (Non-magic folk)  inventions in. I did smuggle my phone in and you can see I tried to make a post when I...

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Sorry for the delay, there are no computers at hogwarts!!
Gah!!! I promise I will edit this and make it all cute and stuff  but right now I'm at work and posting on my mobile!!  Where have you been?! Beds empty, no note, car gone! But they were starving her mom.. There were bars on his window! You better hope I wo...
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