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Each #finance #strategy recommended by the article's author is great.  Not mentioned however, is the #MortgageAssignment Strategy, more correctly termed a “mortgage payments assignment”, which is where the #investor (or other private party) takes over the mortgage payments for the original #borrower .  Here are some of the #plusses for using this #realestateinvesting technique.

+ A Mortgage Assignment is legal and it can be done with a non-assumable loan.
+ A Mortgage Assignment can be a means of stopping a foreclosure.
+ A Mortgage Assignment can help stave off bankruptcy.

Be you a homeowner, home buyer or investor - click this link and get a FREE Mortgage Assignment Guide to learn more:

OR visit our website:
Buy Low...Rent Smart...Sell High! All sound good and are Smart Strategies For Real Estate Investment. With the very explosive stock market, numerous folks have converted to real estate as a more se...
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What Are Your Options If the #HARP Overhaul Was Not an Option?

Last year the #Obama administration  announced the HARP overhaul ( #HomeAffordableRefinanceProgram ) which was aimed at enabling #homeowners who owe more than their houses are worth to refinance their #mortgages. Analysts said the new version of HARP could help a million or more homeowners, IF your house comes under the control of #FannieMae or #FreddieMac.

To find out click here: "Does Freddie Mac Own My Mortgage?

Or here: "Does Fannie Mae Own My Mortgage?"

But  ... IF you're already a tad bit frustrated with #government red tape and cumbersome #qualification and #eligibility requirements and processes of #federal #home #programs, there are other options you can explore.  The #solution may be easier than you realize.

Click here:  What Do I Do IF the Government Can't Help?

#homeowner #mortgageassistance #foreclosure #facingforeclosure
Need to sell your house quickly? A mortgage assignment could be the solution. NEED HELP? GET HELP! Get a FREE GUIDE or contact a reliable mortgage assignment professional who can assist you.
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Flash! Boom! Pow! This is how a lot of folks think real estate investing needs to be. But what if I told you the greatest wealth building strategies were... well... boring?
Let's set aside the "flash" and "excitement" and get back to the basics. Here's one cool strategy you can use to make $1.6 million dollars from real estate through passive real estate investing.
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#financialreforms #doddfrank #privatelender #consumerprotectionlaws #realestate #buyingahome #sellingahome - Owner financing is still a legitimate alternative to bank financing.  Private #investors still offer it to prospective property buyers.
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Create #thumbnail images of your #webpages.  Kind of share like business cards or find other uses for them.  I added this thumbnail to our business page.    #businesstips #businesscards #businesspages #realestate #realestatemarketing  
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+Cody Michael - Hi guy!  You've been busy!  Like the new website!  Great services you're offering.  Not just that!  But you can deliver too! 
Wishing you success!  :)   #realestate #texas #galveston #sellyourhome #foreclosure #ownerfinance #sellerfinance  
Sell Owner finance homes... Galveston home buyers buys Owner financed Galveston area homes. Distressed sellers need to sell their home quick for cash fast. Cody Michael buys homes in Galveston county ...
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Need to sell your home fast? A mortgage assignment could be the solution.
A “Mortgage Assignment” is a creative financing strategy that was at one time a well kept secret, but is now taking the country by storm. In addition to Owner Finance and very similar to Assuming a Loan, anybody (i.e. private parties) can now Assign Payments of a Loan.

For more in-depth information, GO TO:

These guides are provided to interested parties free of charge:
  • Mortgage Assignment Guide for Homeowners
  • Owner Finance - Buyer's Guide

Need to sell your house quickly?  Contact a reliable mortgage assignment professional who can assist you
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