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If fortunate enough to take regular family vacations consider owning a timeshare.  #realestate #investingideas  
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Representing the housing industry and the dream of home ownership.
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+Cody Michael - Hi guy!  You've been busy!  Like the new website!  Great services you're offering.  Not just that!  But you can deliver too! 
Wishing you success!  :)   #realestate #texas #galveston #sellyourhome #foreclosure #ownerfinance #sellerfinance  
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Create #thumbnail images of your #webpages.  Kind of share like business cards or find other uses for them.  I added this thumbnail to our business page.    #businesstips #businesscards #businesspages #realestate #realestatemarketing  
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Each #finance #strategy recommended by the article's author is great.  Not mentioned however, is the #MortgageAssignment Strategy, more correctly termed a “mortgage payments assignment”, which is where the #investor (or other private party) takes over the mortgage payments for the original #borrower .  Here are some of the #plusses for using this #realestateinvesting technique.

+ A Mortgage Assignment is legal and it can be done with a non-assumable loan.
+ A Mortgage Assignment can be a means of stopping a foreclosure.
+ A Mortgage Assignment can help stave off bankruptcy.

Be you a homeowner, home buyer or investor - click this link and get a FREE Mortgage Assignment Guide to learn more:

OR visit our website:
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Need to sell your home fast? A mortgage assignment could be the solution.
A “Mortgage Assignment” is a creative financing strategy that was at one time a well kept secret, but is now taking the country by storm. In addition to Owner Finance and very similar to Assuming a Loan, anybody (i.e. private parties) can now Assign Payments of a Loan.

For more in-depth information, GO TO:

These guides are provided to interested parties free of charge:
  • Mortgage Assignment Guide for Homeowners
  • Owner Finance - Buyer's Guide

Need to sell your house quickly?  Contact a reliable mortgage assignment professional who can assist you