I learned something new (to me) about baseball by seeing a rare event happen twice in the same game last night.

With two out in the top of the first and Bryan LaHair at the plate for the Cubs, Starlin Castro got picked off second base to end the inning. (What a numnutz!) Three outs later, the Cubs are back up... and Bryan LaHair is still at bat. Huh? Some digging into the rulebook (6.01(b) to be precise) taught me a lesson -- you're the batter until you make it to first or are put out, even if your count of balls and strikes gets reset to zero by starting a new inning.

The weird thing? With two out in the top of the third inning, Bryan LaHair was up again, with Starlin Castro on first. And Castro then failed to steal second. (What a numnutz!) So LaHair then became the first batter at the top of the fourth, repeating the rare event.
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