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Early afternoon Skimming improves your social awkwardness. Never stay out of the loop again!! Don't believe me? Just try it for a week and tell me how you feel.

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Saturdays are for catching up on my Skimm Guides. Who says you can't Skimm everyday?

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Skimming all day, everyday!

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Did you know Skimming keeps your brain stimulated and helps in awkward social situations?! 

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Get to Skimming!! You're missing out!!

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To Skimm is to educate. To educate is to grow. To grow is to constantly challenge yourself to be the best form of yourself. So do yourself a favor and Skimm!!

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Don't fall behind on the world's happenings!! theSkimm will keep you in the loop all week long.

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During winter and the upcoming holiday season, take some moments to de-stress, connect and stay connected with your family, and to have more beautiful skin.

Dr. Murad says, "Your skin is connected to your heart. Make your heart happy, and your skin will become more beautiful."

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A Mindful Approach to Skincare: read Dr. Howard Murad's advice below to discover how a healthy, happy lifestyle can have great benefits for your skin!

The mind and body are closely connected. As I tell my patients, since the skin is the largest organ of the body and everything in our body is connected, what is going on in your mind will have a profound effect on your skin.

Numerous studies have shown the effects of positive thinking on the body including:

Increased lifespan
Lower rates of depression
Better stress management
Greater resistance to colds and the flu
Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
Improved coping skills

To add to this list of benefits, I have long observed significant effects of happier, healthier lifestyles on the skin in my own practice. By incorporating positive affirmations, stress reduction, time for yourself and inspiring quotes into your daily life, you can experience improvements in your skin as well.

Here’s how to get started with a mindful approach to skincare:

1. Don’t fear the mirror. Every time you pass a mirror or reflective surface, look in it. Look at yourself. Don’t pick apart all your flaws, but find one or two great things in your reflection and give thanks for those.
2. Increase your self-love. While you are there at the mirror, look deep into your eyes and tell yourself “I am worthy.” It may sound odd to some, but keep doing it and  you’ll be surprised at how you begin to treat yourself differently and how your skin and overall health can improve.
3. Practice positive thinking. Positive thinking doesn't mean ignoring reality. What it does mean is facing challenging situations with a “can do” attitude. Life’s challenges can be also viewed as opportunities for positive change.
4. Be intent on your intentions. Want better skin? Ask for it. Set an intention that you want clearer/younger looking/more luminous skin. Then continue to repeat it to yourself whenever you think of it: “I intend to have beautiful, glowing skin.”
5. Mind what goes on your skin. Do your research. What you put on your skin will have a great affect in how your skin looks and feels. Be mindful of the ingredients in your skincare products and that you are using the right products for your skin type and skin concerns.

Remember, any action starts as a thought in your head. Make sure your thoughts are pointing you in the direction you want to go!  Your skin – and your whole body – will benefit.
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