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I do not know how I could have not known about this band.

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This note is about those who march. Those who go out to face the elements, public derision, and even police brutality. Those who go out hungry, dirty, tired. Those who go out even if the marching has no power to change what they march against. When a reporter asks an individual why they are marching they hear a clearing house of problems, both personal or systemic. They hear about jobs. About the economy. They hear about corruption in business. All of these are reasons that individuals are upset. But the reason they march is much deeper and much simpler. They march because when all you have is a hammer, every problem has to be a nail.

As young people participating in the democratic process we are presented with four voices, four tools to effect change - (1) vote, (2) write letters, (3) give money, and (4) create a public spectacle. We voted to no effect. We wrote letters to no effect. As for money, no one can compete with the finance industry. That leaves spectacle.

You may ask us how does a spectacle change policy? How does marching make our government better represent us? How does this change the system? The answer is easy.

We don't have to know.

If I lack a voice to effect change - that is an aspect of the system.

If I have a voice but I have never been taught how to use it - that is an aspect of the system.

If there is a voice out there, but I am bared from using it because of money, or talent with a word, or age, or color of my skin, or any other of a million factors that can be levied against me - that is an aspect of the system.

And the system is broken.

Maybe you don't see a place for this movement in your democracy, and maybe that is the problem we have with it.

The tea party wasn't caused because the colonials didn't want to pay taxes. The tea party was caused by the colonials having no voice in their government. When Jonathan Mayhew rallied people with, "No taxation without representation" it wasn't taxes they hated. It was a protest against voicelessness and a system which failed to provide the American's with participation in their government.

We are united by being disaffected. We are united by being dropped and forgotten by our government. We are united in feeling voiceless. We are united, and this is enough.

Enough is enough.

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"Master Chiefs, clear a path."

Never thought I'd be envying how Zabu rolls.

Today's cooking injuries: A cut finger (no blood), small burn, and a bruised knee.

I'd say I may it out easy.

Today's cooking haiku:

Walnut Brownies cool
Turkey at Three Twenty Five
What about veggies?

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What would a trip to visit mom be without brownies?

Quote of the day: "The National Endowment of the Arts is tapping my phone."

xSaturday at my mother's.. That means Lifetime movies.

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This what I love about this city. Look how blue that water is! 
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