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Moving to Scotland
Hey everyone, so last September I have officially moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to attend the University of Edinburgh. I have been here for about six months now and am in love with the city. Although leaving Croatia to move to the UK sounded scary at first, ...

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Hi again
I’ve been interested in fashion and in art as long as I can
remember, and although many wouldn’t agree, I find both being similar, if not
the same. Fashion impacts us, it makes us feel, it enables us to express
ourselves, just as art does. I created this bl...

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Portugal - Instagram diary
Hey everyone, so I have done one of these entries earlier this year and called it "Greece - Instagram diary" (you can read it here). As well as I, you guys liked the idea of me showing you the breathtaking and fun photos I took on my trip instead of just ba...

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Hey guys, to start of I just started my last year of high school and I'm both a nervous wreck and super excited. I cannot wait to be leaving for college next year and I do hope I will continue blogging and share with you all my experiences. Since my 18th bi...

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Monday's Treasures
Hey guys, I have decided to introduce you to the newest category of my blog and, as you can tell my the title of this post, it will be called "Monday's Treasures". Up till now I usually posted outfit's of the week posts or those ones connected to the many t...

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OOTD - birthday
Hey everyone, just to let you know it was my 18th birthday on the 5th of September!!!!! I am so excited / nervous to be 18, haha. Also I just recently came back from my trip to Portugal. I was there for a week with my entire class and we had so much fun. Th...

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Hey everyone, as you might already know I am obsessed with Zara, it is my all time favorite brand and have therefore decided to do an all Zara outfit of the day. This look/outfit I have picked out is what I normally wear on a daily bases and what I have dec...

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OOTD - summer paradise
Hey everyone, to start with I apologize I haven't been active in almost a month. I spent this time with my family at the seaside, relaxing, swimming and getting tanned. It was such a relief after the stressful school year. This time around I am a senior and...

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OOTD - Greece, Athens
Hey everyone, I wanted to share with you an outfit I wore back when I was in Greece, which was a month ago :) As you might already know I was there for only the weekend yet had such an amazing time. Currently, I am in a small town called Tisno in Croatia. I...

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Hey everyone, just a little update, I am at the seaside with no Internet (unless I'm at a coffee place) which means I'm not really able to check out your blogs and so on and I'm trying to be current with my posts. Hope you understand :) Okay so, today I wan...
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