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A Bittersweet Visit to our Alma Mater
From the time Hannah started kindergarten, she knew where she wanted to go to college.  (She was a serious-minded student from the very beginning.)  She had a little "Future Tiger" t-shirt that she wore with great pride, and if you asked her, she would tell...

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A Little Stack of Treasures
Way back in the spring of 1991, my in-laws gave us a wonderful gift ... a Panasonic video camera.  You remember those early video cameras ... the ones that sat on your shoulder and used the big ol' VHS tapes?  This was a rather extravagant gift at that time...

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Hope is Not Cheap ... But It's Free
A few
months ago a dear friend of mine who recently lost her husband to brain cancer
gave me a little sack filled with these “Hope” rocks for use at the
Refuge.  I’ve placed them all around the
Refuge, just as little reminders of the hope we have in Jesus. ...

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Thoughtful Thursday ... What Am I Missing?
When my daughter Hannah was little, she had a friend named Nicole.  Nicole was a curly-headed girl with round-framed glasses, and the two of them were in AWANA Cubbies together.  They had a blast learning Bible verses, eating cookies and drinking red Kool-A...

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Preparing a Place ... With Eager Anticipation
So, it looks like it's been a little over three months since my last post.  Believe me when I say I haven't been sitting beside a pool somewhere eating bonbons over the past three months.  No, I've been working beside Brad, Larry, Janice, and a host of wond...

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Monday Mourning - Anytime I Want!
A few nights ago, I had what is a very rare experience for me.  I had a dream about Hannah. In the seven years since Hannah went Home, I can easily count the number of dreams I've had about her on just a few fingers ... and they haven't all been good. This ...

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Thoughtful Thursday - Good-bye Southside
When we lived in El Dorado, Arkansas, our girls attended a magnificent old school called Southside Elementary.  It was built in 1926, and it was an absolute treasure ... at least to those of us whose children attended there.  It was like a school you might ...

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Monday Mourning -- Sucker Punch
Definition:  suck·er punch noun  1.  an unexpected punch or blow. verb  1.  hit (someone) with an unexpected punch or blow.  "Joe sucker-punched him and knocked him out" This February will mark seven years since Hannah went to Heaven after a year-long battl...

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New Year's Resolutions for Bereaved Parents
As bereaved parents, we know that some days are going to be difficult ... our child's birthday, their Heaven Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, etc.  But another time that can be just as hard (or harder) is New Year's. For some, there...

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Never-Ending Christmas
Hannah Joy, Christmas 1992 Do you remember being a little kid on Christmas morning? The excitement of tearing into those presents with the shiny paper and sparkling bows?  The thrill of new toys, games, clothes, books?  Do you also remember that feeling of ...
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