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Mike Rohde
Designer. REWORK book illustrator. Sketchnote Guy. Passionate husband & dad. Coffee!
Designer. REWORK book illustrator. Sketchnote Guy. Passionate husband & dad. Coffee!

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Cranking up old mix tapes converted to MP3 (complete with me doing cheesy DJ bumpers) from the mid-80s tonight while I work.Feel free to enjoy them if you like.

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Just watched The Red Violin tonight on Netflix streaming. Very interesting approach to storytelling - through the violin itself.

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Blauberry Ui Kit from Mikael Eidenberg - really nice work.

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The music space is getting interesting - Pandora drops Flash, embraces HTML5 and a fresh new design in the next version of the app. Looks good too.

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Traffic from geeks to Google+ and Twitter the first week.

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The Jawbone wristband that scolds you when you eat that donut.

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This is a great time to pick up iA Writer for iPad if you haven't already.
After 3 days offline, we might as well do a campaign: iA Writer for iPad at 1 buck over the next 24 hours. You'll have to wait a couple of minutes until it propagates. (In the mean time, I'm going to bed. Good night.)

One full week with a mostly* primal/paleo diet and I'm feeling great.

It's interesting now that I've cut out the sugars and grains, and am having more protein, how much less I focus on eating all the time - especially for stress - which is a challenge. It's also been fun being creative with what I eat.

Eggs and bacon in the morning and nuts and berries for snacks occasionally during the day seem to be doing the trick for me. In fact last week I was working away on a design project and it was past noon - I hadn't even thought about eating lunch.

Good timing to do this in the summer as well - access to local seasonal fruits and being able to fire up the grill and make lots of grilled meats for dinner.

Of course it's only been a week, but I feel I can manage this approach toward eating. I've had some slips here and there, but now that I'm getting in the groove, they are simply isolated events rather than the rule.

So far, so good!

*I'm still having dairy items here and there - creamer in coffee, cheese now and then, so from a paleo purist point of view I'm probably impure, but that's OK. :-)

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Good thinking from Marco. Made me glad I own my own domain.
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