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James Bridget Gordon
Disillusioned artist, profligate academic, generally lost at sea.
Disillusioned artist, profligate academic, generally lost at sea.

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Taking temperature here: would anyone be interested in subbing to a weekly(-ish) email newsletter? It would mostly be self-promotion for stuff I've done (writing, art, code), along with some links for interesting stuff I've read.

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tl;dr- Please vote for my video project and help an awesome HIV/AIDS charity get some money! Links in the comments!


This weekend is the Project For Awesome, an annual event in which people give their time and money to worthy non-profit organizations. People create YouTube videos promoting charities they support while the P4A organizers raise money. At the end of the event, ballots are tallied up and the charities with the most votes receive a portion of the money. Think of it like a charity telethon for YouTube.

My friend Mel and I, with a tremendous amount of help behind the camera from +Fard Muhammad  made a video promoting Grassroot Soccer. They're a non-profit organization that uses 

football as a way to engage and educate young people in Sub-Saharan Africa about HIV/AIDS and help slow the spread of the disease. We're hoping to get enough visibility and votes to get GRS a portion of the funds. And I need your help to do it.

I need two things from you guys: VOTE for Grassroot Soccer at the P4A website, and SHARE this video with others. If you want to go a step further, DONATE to the Project For Awesome. I'll put relevant links in the comments.

The event runs until Sunday afternoon. Please consider lending us your support.


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I try not to post too much podcast spam but I want to make an exception here.

The new episode of Unnecessary Tackle-Cast features an extended conversation about women in soccer. We talk about the game from the perspective of women who are players, coaches, media personalities, and supporters. We didn't cover as much as we would've liked to, but I think we did some good work. 

Be aware that we talk about some trigger-y topics, such as sexual assault, abuse, misogyny, and rape culture.

Also, if you follow the Wimbly Womblys video series on YouTube but aren't totally caught up (+Benjamin Dionysus? +Catherine Cefalu?), skip to about 9 or 10 minutes in to avoid spoilers.

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Hello! You may have noticed from some of my links over the past few months that I've started doing freelance writing. I've put together enough published work in recent months that I feel like I can justify reaching out for new clients!

I specialize in original content for blogs and magazines. I primarily write about sports, art, and internet culture, but I'm up for any challenge. I'm also offering copywriting and ghostwriting services, as well as image editing, podcast production, and front end web work. 

If you or someone you know needs pretty words delivered fast, get in touch!

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Brazilian football star Ronaldinho- who has previously won a World Cup, the Champions League, numerous league titles, and the Ballon d'Or- is a free agent. One of the clubs currently vying for his signature? Basingstoke Town, a tiny volunteer-run club in England's sixth division. More info in my report for Paste Magazine.

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La Liga is the top professional soccer league in Spain. It's dominated by two of the biggest, richest clubs in the world: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Between the two of them hogging all the best players, TV revenue, and glory, no one else in the league has a snowball's chance in hell of doing anything interesting.

Until last season, when Atletico Madrid- as much a ragtag bunch of misfits as anything you'll find in top-level European football- made a surprise challenge for the title and somehow, somehow, managed to outlast Barca and Real and win the league championship. 

Can lightning strike twice? I try to answer that in my new article for Paste Magazine.

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In which I look ahead to Liverpool's 2014-15 campaign.

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So, two things. 

1. Paste Mgagazine has a new soccer website, which is pretty neat! They already have some interesting stuff on there, including an interview with Dom Monaghan (Merry from LOTR, among other things) about his love for Manchester United. (Which, ugh, but still!)

2. One of those things currently up is a thing I wrote! I talk about England's WC team and speculate on their chances. (Spoiler alert: they'll do better than a lot of people are giving them credit for.)
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