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This is one of those days where I'm starting to really appreciate Rails. Just implemented a ranked, paginated, highlighted, full text search engine for our transcripts and notes in about an hour and a half.

For those interested, the ThinkingSphinx gem integrates beautifully with the Sphinx indexer on Rails 3.1, requiring minimal configuration in the app or on the server. Pagination and relevance straight out of the box, and works just like will_paginate. Result highlighting was done with a little jquery plugin by Johann Burkard, with minor tweaking to highlight individual words in the query instead of matching the entire query string.

Oh, and the Bootstrap css framework made the results all pretty without any additional effort.
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Ironic dude, because I had to figure out how to override a rails default which sets imported style sheets as only applicable to screen media. I guess the Rails people don't think you should be doing anything with a webpage other than looking at it on your desktop. Some things I just don't want assumed by someone who doesn't have any idea what our project requirements are.
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+Sean Bradshaw I don't know if that's a good default or not, but I did find that somewhat frustrating. Then again, it makes sure you consider your print media stylesheet!
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