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Hi everyone! Not really sure where to categorize this, so I'm putting it under "guest posts."
I'm starting to do monthly (but possibly more frequent if I get a lot of response) author interviews on my blog. If you would be interested in being featured, please fill out the questions. Thanks!

What do you all want from this community? It's been pretty quiet. I post hoping to encourage others to post, but maybe I should be direct about it! :) If you have any questions or need help with being boss, please, feel free to post! Don't be afraid, this is judgement free. There are no dumb questions and we are all here to help and support each other. (Post them in the "What Questions Are On Your Mind" board)
Similarly, if you just need to rant about something that is frustrating you, then go for it! We can commiserate with you! (Post your rants in "The Struggle Is Real" board)
If you have successes or want to share your website/etsy store then do it, girl! Or if you even have tips you've learned and think others can benefit from, post those too! (Post in the "Building your business online" board).
Finally, just introduce yourself and your business, or soon to be business. Let's build the creative tribe!

What are all you bosses working on currently?

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Today, I launched my book design studio and posted about on my blog!

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Well, I jumped over the wall that was holding me back. My new book design studio is officially live!

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Trying to declutter my life and I'm sharing the journey on Lazy Lady!

I have hit a wall. I'm getting to the point where I'm going to sit down for a couple of days and work on the website for my book design business, and I'm frozen. I don't know how to set up a good intake system! I have never had form responses before, but I feel like I should–if for nothing else, to just let the potential customer know that the form/email they sent was received. I am unsure of how to ask/tell what the client should do next, I don't know if we should try to get together via Skype (or in person if they are nearby) or do it all via email. 

Ugh. I know I need to develop a system, and I really don't want to go into this completely blind and build it ALL as I go. I just want to have SOMETHING in place when I launch.

Do any of you have experience in this area? Are any of you also struggling with this sort of issue?

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I finally got the podcast going! I have some kinks to work out in the way we do them and the way I edit them, but it's up and it's done!

Hey! So, I'll start things off. I'm starting a book design side business. Currently I'm the senior graphic designer for an alternative weekly newspaper in New Orleans, but I hope to make this book business my main hustle. I am currently working on the branding and website for the project.

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I made a kinda sub-community (hope that's ok) to start a support group for other badass bloggers in this group who are trying to become their own boss! Maybe we can help each other figure this out as we are all setting out on this kind of adventure!
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