Speaking of Trees
My friend +Robin Black shared a tree shot, so I had to go digging for one that I felt was worth sharing. This one was taken back in 2007 in Junction City, Oregon.

When I lived in Oregon, I was always driving around looking for things to shoot. I liked Junction City because there are farms there, surrounded by the mountains and the tall trees. There is also this one tree, on this one lone hill.

Most times, while driving by, the light was wrong, it was raining or something else just wasn't right, so I never took my shot. Though I knew exactly how I would compose it when the right time came.

On August 28th 2007 there was a lunar eclipse... the weather was good, though windy and the sky was going to be clear. This was the night.

I purposely decided to travel back late that night so I could capture the light of the full moon just over the hill lighting the lone tree (just before the eclipse). The goal wasn’t to get the details of the moon but capture the lone tree and its majestic beauty on the hill.

This 15 second exposure is what I got from that shot. 70mm @ f 3.5, 15 seconds, ISO 100 Nikon D200 w 28-70mm 2.8
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