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Just deleted my Facebook account!!!!!!!!  And I deleted Henry's account too!  BYE BYE, FACEBOOK.  Now I can go to bed.  
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My phone opened my Safari browser & opened Facebook by accident.  I hope I didn't reactivate my account!  Can someone please check & see if my account is still dead?  Thanks!  :-)
I clicked your page under my friends list and it said "inactive".
I'm surprised it allowed you to sign in if it is inactive.  I would expect it to no longer recognize the password.  Maybe phones are different.
Yeah, phones must be different.  Or maybe if I'd stayed on for another minute, it would've kicked me off?  I just didn't want them to think that I wanted to re-activate it.
Not really.  I had one account, that started when you gave me the invite.  Then I suddenly could never access it anymore.  Later, Google sent me an invite to join, which I did, and it works okay.

If I remember, my first account was under the email  I haven't used that since I don't know when.  I didn't even realize that I had two accounts for a long while, and I forget how I ever figured out that I did.

The one I use is the account, but I think I might have Picasa hooked to the other one.  I will have to straighten that out when I get time.  It was very confusing to me, especially since my shop computer won't even let me sign on.  The shop computer keeps telling me that my browsers are out of date, even though they are not.  ha,ha  Always some glitch somewhere.
I can still see that other account.  That's the one with the photo albums.  On that other account, you don't use your middle initial.  I'll just remember that when I tag you :-)
I will get rid of that one this week.  I don't want to get confused.

Thanks for letting me know it is still there.  :o)
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