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Computing the Goodwin-Staton integral
In this post we will explore different approaches for the evaluation of
the Goodwin-Staton integral, which is one of the generalizations of the
complementary error function. The Goodwin-Staton integral is defined as
$$\begin{equation}G(z) = \int_0^{\i...

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Interior Point Method: Primal Affine scaling algorithm in Python
On this post we implement The Primal Affine scaling algorithm, one of the Interior Point Methods. Let us start by the Problem Formulation: $\begin{equation*}\label{a}
& {\underset{x} min}
& & c^T x\\
& \text{...

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AMPL reporting solver statistics
This a simple script that I have been working on, which provides some Solver statistics to AMPL. At this moment, the script can handle the MINOS
solver output and generate cool charts to summarize the process till the solver reaches a solution. As usual,...
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