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Hotels and Restaurants: Please stop contaminating "clean" items with dirty, used ones!

I am not a germaphobe (honest), but I feel like sterilizing myself after visiting most public establishments. Not a day passes without me walking into a restaurant to find uncovered silverware sitting on bare tables that have only been indifferently wiped off (not disinfected) after the last patron. Menus that have passed through the hands of a thousand diners before me, are casually strewn across plates from which I'm supposed to eat my bread. Waiters serve me my food with the same hands they have used to clear dirty plates from someone else's table.

In hotels, clean pillows are propped up against headboards that have known innumerable noggins before mine. Decorative pillows that are never changed between guests rub against the linens I'm supposed to sleep on. In the bathroom, white wash rags are squeezed onto dubious towel racks and pressed up against dingy wall paper. If I'm going to put utensils in my mouth or cloth against my skin, I don't want it exposed to every food remnant and cootie left by visitors past. With movies like "Contagion" out there and the bacteria hunting investigative reports the news shows do every sweeps period, why aren't hotels, restaurants and their patrons more conscientious about germs?

As Amazon prepares for the advent of the Kindle Fire and trys to coax buyers into using their device, not just their app, I hope they have found a way to make reading pdf documents easier.

I love how I can just select a pdf on my Ipad, opt to open it in Ibooks and then read it instantly. With kindle I'm still looking up the email address, sending the document and waiting for Amazon to convert the format, then finally send it to my DX. A process that should take 10 seconds consumes minutes. I hope the Fire debut will not only bring a change to the PDF download process, but also see Amazon dispensing with that 15 cents fee it charges for our trouble.

I laughed at Walter Isaacson pointing out that Steve Jobs thought because of his vegan diet and lifestyle he didn't feel that he had to wear deodorant or shower as much as others. I actually think that a vegan diet and healthy exercise cause people to release more toxins that actually contain STRONGER bodily emissions, rather than fewer or more fragrant ones.

When my father had his stroke in 2005, he couldn't speak due to Aphasia. The Lingraphica, the leading speech-generating communication device at the time, cost $7000. Now, there are apps for that, which include the "SmallTalk" line of free apps based on Lingraphica, as well as a host of independent products for both Ipad/Iphone and Android, all ranging from $0 - $26.00. We live in amazing times.

I suppose parents of autistic children have known about developments like this for years, but I am just beginning to realize how cost-efficient and convenient tablet tools have made it for adults to manage their disabilities, as well.

If your taste in music and books is anything but mainstream and you don't have internet access, you're completely out of luck. If it isn't on the New York Times bestseller list or the Billboard Top 100 pop charts, you won't find it at Barnes & Noble, Wal*Mart, Target, Frys or Best Buy.

I found this out yet again driving all around town on Tuesday looking for a new Lindsey Buckingham DVD. After hitting 8 places that not only did not carry that DVD but also generally stocked only the most current and commercial inventory available, I resignedly went home and ordered from Amazon. Of course, the DVD was on my doorstep today (two days later) and cost me at least $5.00 less than it would have if I'd managed the impossible and found it in a store.

To me, the dwindling physical sellers need to borrow a page from the few local book and record stores that remain in existence: cater to unique tastes. Since you can't underprice the big guys, give people a reason to come into your store. You can't carry everything, so why be one of a thousand places to buy Taylor Swift's CD? Why not be the one place offering something different? Stock things customers can't easily find online. Keep items on your shelves that they want to see and handle in person. Make the "special order" your specialty. Instead of marketing to the masses, minister to the discriminating. Lure in those people who are willing to drive farther and pay more for a good find. If you have any chance for survival, I think you must streamline, rather than mainstream.

The internet ad that popped up as I left a site which read: "Don't leave! Fios is in your building," is too eerily reminiscent of a horror film. Apparently, Verizon knows who I am, saw what I did and is placing calls coming from inside my house!

Apparently, this is in reaction to Jobs' passing.

The highly awaited Samsung Unpacked event, which was billed as a ‘Google Episode’ and the place where Android Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus Prime were expected to be announced, has been cancelled by Samsung and Google.

Scheduled for 11 October and marking the start of the CTIA Enterprise and Applications show in San Diego, Samsung has issued a statement saying simply: “Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced.”

Well, there's no bright spot, but at least there was nothing left unsaid by the world to Steve Jobs, all the criticism and condemnation, all the raves and rage and worship-worthy praises were made known to him in his lifetime and in his children's. He heard it all and knew it all in 56 short years.

No desktop, purse or pocket has been unmarked by his legacy. Even if you don't own Apple products, you own devices that were influenced by them.

I know Kodak is vulnerable right now, barely avoiding bankruptcy. Maybe that's why the Iphone keynote sounded more like they were competing against cameras than against Android phones. Siri sounds impressive, but it needs to be available NOW, not next year.

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I'm a collector. I love books, records, DVD boxes, magazines, photos, but more and more digital is not just an alternative, but the more attractive option. I went to buy the Jacqueline Kennedy Conversations package and was so impressed by Amazon's e-reader options for just $9.99, a third of the hard copy price.

In seconds you can download 7 cds worth of audio, full transcriptions thereof, 85 pictures, and 9 videos right to your device and carry it with you anywhere. I've been collecting Kennedy stuff for years, but this time I'm going to cut the paper cord without regret. The convenience, portability, value and space-saved makes the digital version of this stuff more desirable than the traditional format. I'm too lazy to continue changing from one CD to another or downloading audio to Itunes, when I can have it whisper-netted straight to me.

I love my kindle and tire of the backlit Ipad screen after a couple of hours of reading, but due to the pictures and video that come with this product, I think I will be using it on my Ipad and not the Kindle, for the image quality.

This is the kind of multi-media collection for which the tablet was created.
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