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Wego CC and Distance Track
West Chicago boys' distance page: Follow for team updates!
West Chicago boys' distance page: Follow for team updates!

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Alright guys, we have a lot of big changes and ideas heading your way for this upcoming track season!  One of them I'm really excited about is our new Varsity Board!   #wegocc  

Shout out to our new coach for buying us a team set of foam rollers!  Woo!

Don't think we've made a post on G+ yet, but here's the original post to our Facebook distance group regarding our new coach:

"Finally had a chance to meet with Coach Puchalski! We talked about where the team is at now, and where it will be by the end of the season, and I already feel a giant leap forward in the life of Wildcat Cross Country. Even though he's younger than Coach Mac, Coach P definitely knows how to train his athletes. He will push us to work hard, but he knows how to shape a workout program to build fast runners and values effort more than times. Not only does he have a lot of great ideas for our team, he has the willingness to follow through and work with people to get things done right. 
In addition to his strong work ethic, he believes that a big part of high school cross country is getting the whole experience. After completing a season of CC, he plans to give us a binder containing the entire list of workouts completed during the season, times, and pictures to make it more meaningful. He also mentioned doing more fun activities other than just running, such as holding recruiting contests (with prizes), going to the Dunes (as always), and possibly taking a trip to downtown Chicago. Additionally, he is easy to get a hold of and responds back quickly, plans to make our team more professional (we will actually have paper copies of our scheduled events handed out this season!), and is straightforward (if you're putting in the effort, he'll encourage you. If for some reason you have a problem with each other, he'll talk to you directly.)
His goal this season is to help us build a team of 20 or more athletes, and with his skill set, we shouldn't have too much trouble reaching that mark. Getting excited to see where things go with our new coach in our new conference!"

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I'll try to put together a public page for West Chicago running sometime soon, but until then Distance runners (current runners or alumni are both welcome), check out our growing Facebook group!

Who went to #RailRoadDays ?

Just thought I would update how track is going.  This past Friday, WEGO took on our last DVC conference meet, and we left on a good footing!  +Joe Skipor ran 13 seconds faster than his previous personal best in the mile, +Joe Sawicki ran a personal best in the 3200 m run, our sprinters ran great, notably the varsity 4x400 relay team all running low 50s, and +Chris Stibal broke 5 minutes in the mile as a freshmen!  Crazy stuff guys, let's get 'em at sectionals!

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Track shirt designs finalized!  T-Shirts on the left, crewnecks (noodies) on the right.   They should be delivered this Monday (4/21/13).  T-shirts are $9 or $15 if you have your name on the back.  Crewnecks are $14 or $20 if you have your name on the back.
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