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Promoting Peaceful Eating Behaviour in Your Child......
PICKY or FUSSY EATING is relatively common and is characterised by a toddler or child eating a limited amount of food, particularly restricting vegetables. Picky eaters are unwilling to try new foods and have strong food preferences. Characteristics of Pare...

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KALPAVRIKSHA The Kalpavriksha is a divine, wish-fulfilling tree mentioned in early Sanskrit literature and Mythology. While the idea of a Kalpavriksha is surreal, the title has been given to many trees over the ages. O ur humble coconut tree is truly deserv...

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Protein Basics
FIRST ELEMENT......PROTEIN This article was originally published in Parent Circle magazine, June 2013. I've reproduced it here as first written. The only thing that I would alter is the dairy advice. Research now shows that organic fresh dairy products ...

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A Drop of Golden Sun
      When I was studying nutrition over a
decade ago, we learnt that the functioning of D was to support the absorption
and action of Calcium in it's various roles. The past decade has seen an
impressive amount of research into this compound mainly because...

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Making Peanut Butter at Home (And Lessons Learnt)
Hooray for small victories. I've been adventuring along on a journey of tickling my 2 year old son's taste buds with organic, healthy ingredients. He's at that age where he's hungry every 20 minutes and fruits / milk / veggie portions (usually reserved for ...

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     What are some of the aromas triggered by oranges and yellows?
The citrus tang of an orange, the fresh scent of a lemon, the mouth-watering
sweetness of a mango? Doing our vegetable and fruit shopping may have become a
routine chore.           We might ...

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Sugar ... how much is OK?
     The journey from Bangalore to Mysore in Karnataka is
one of the most scenic in the country. Particularly attractive are the
seemingly endless fields of sugar cane, especially when they are in bloom.
Having made this trip hundreds of times, my enjoyment...

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The Salt Shake-up
        Anyone who has high blood pressure must decrease their salt intake
drastically. Everyone knows that. What is not really understood is that it is because
of our high intake of salt from a young age that we are at risk for heart
disease in later years...
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