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Unight8 UK Sitrep

Unight8 Comprised of two beautiful and elaborate operations, coordinated globally. Here’s the story of our part in it.

15th November - U8 Nightstalker - Overnight international 8 roll

Total 1142 new level 8 resistance portals in over 20 cities across the UK, including 550 in London alone. See +Graham Chestney 's sitrep. This formed a clever smokescreen to allow us to make international links, while the Enlightened were busy talking down our farms. I was stunned by the dedication and resolve of agents a lot of whom were out until 3 or 4 am on their Nightstalker, only to wake at 7 and drive hundreds of miles for the links.

16th November - Unight8 worldwide link

We linked Scotland to Iceland, Norway, England, Spain, and linked England to Germany. This was part of a chain of simultaneous coordinated international links from Alaska all the way to Russia. We also linked to France, Begium and the Netherlands. At this time lots of areas also linked their cities to adjacent cities and areas.

Bonus fields 

Amazing fields in Kent, the South West, Wales, Essex, Sussex, Suffolk, Norfolk and the North Sea including a giant mackerel field to Norway and Germany. Densely linked fields to the Netherlands too, as well as Belgium and France. Our contributions to the overall 1.2 billion mind units.


The story for me began when I was contacted and asked to be a city coordinator for a strange and obscure operation named Unight8.  I quickly learnt that this was a very secretive overnight operation, and at first struggled to understand what my place in it would be. A month later on 22nd October I was asked if I would step up to be the UK coordinator. Most people, including the person I took over from, called this a “poisoned chalice”. +John Duffey said  he would rather be shot. Things rapidly accelerated from there, as I became aware of how huge and elaborate the plans were.

A billion hangouts, community posts, a couple of leaks, countless key swaps, link plans, interfering but attractive shards, and many missions later we've done it. The exhilaration of the op and the wonderful but hard-to-load screenshots, as well as the incredible array of national and international friends I've made, will never leave me. I’ll focus in this sitrep on the main links.

The biggest challenge of the op was the secrecy of what could be known by whom. The overall idea was inspirational, but it hard to feel as motivated when you only knew a small chunk, and could tell even less to your team. Keeping plans hush hush was even harder as we tried to balance recruiting city coordinators with blowing the date of the op. After the leak of our early contacts spreadsheet, we knew that the Enlightened would be watching closely in the UK. We hoped they would not realise the link plan went global, or get hold of the timing. Operation Patchwork , which we knew was being planned for a similar time, was also on our minds. Well done by the way, awesome fields. Our own field and linking plans were quite organic and I delegated to individual cities to link to their next door areas.

Another huge challenge was when a thirteenth of Jarvis needed to be hidden on our coast, and the Enlightened tried frantically to steal it away to Norway. Every time a huge green or blue link came through the middle of my link plan for the North sea, it was another mini heart attack for me! We appreciated how important it was to keep the shard from the Enlightened whilst we attempted to get it to Spain, and the North sea plan changed a thousand times as we used up and then gained more keys during the week. Norfolk agent amberforce completed an epic journey around Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, replenishing stock and allowing for the intricate fields that the exhausted East Anglian agents made during the operation.

Link plans

Initially we were asked to be part of a branch link down from Iceland, which came off a main link running Iceland to Norway. Agent Amberforce had been on some incredible travels to Greenland, setting up a vital portal for linking North America to Europe, dropping several keys off in Iceland on the journey home. The Greenland portal was remotely charged for over two months by agent Aluminium in Iceland, who had to race to make it to level 6 in order to have the charge range required before the portal decayed! Minisumo had been on some travels too, and had dropped interesting keys in Norway. Agent ZenithUK, who can be relied upon as an expert tactician and was a great mentor to me, suggested a useful node portal in Scotland. This could potentially link to Iceland, Germany and, with great challenge, to Spain. Being a branch link, there was lots of pressure as links from Spain to Malta and further beyond were now our responsibility. I arranged to fly to Madrid under the cover of the 13Magnus anomaly, to exchange keys for Malta (which I had gained from a complex key chain through Germany, Ireland and the North of England via virtek, ZenithUK, northernloop, jeanlucrichard, paulf1976) with keys to Northern Spain. Agents quaint and Amberforce arranged for the keys to travel north. Quaint and Johnriddell even braved the tides at Holy Island to meet there, and to set up a portal.  Agent northernloop also did a dramatic drive North to deliver the final keys for Iceland.

On the 11th of November we hit a snag. There had been confusion elsewhere about the Iceland portal and the whole main plan changed! We were now on the main link, as Norway did not have the right Iceland keys! We scrambled and pooled ideas to make something work. We decided to keep Scotland but try to link it to Holy Island and Hartlepool, because Germany had a Hartlepool key which they could take to Heligoland. Agent zapster agreed to go to Hartlepool and quaint and johnriddelll would leave HI set up, Zapster offered to cover Hartlepool, but had the mammoth task of covering Whitby as well as we wanted to link to further south.

Moment of truth

The night before the op was dramatic, with exciting reports from the Nightstalker ops. We also had bad news that a spoofer had jarvissed the portal we had set up at Holy Island. We dispatched an amazing secret agent NE13 to the island to fix it. He had a nice walk in the dark! Even after this, we realised Holy island was vulnerable, so agent Jayno stepped up to be on the Island in the morning, risking being cut off by the tides at 11.30!
We sent a crack team of agents to Stranraer for links at 11am, including JohnRiddell, Chandy, AnandaUK, Fremlin, and Roach2010. These guys are consummate professionals, and include veterans of most of the biggest ops and plans ever delivered on UK soil. jayno, diamondduke and johnriddell cleared the routes with ease. Nail biting stuff as we searched for blocks!

At 11.01 news came that our links were getting though! The Spanish link sailed through the Irish Sea after fantastic blocking links were made down the coast by chillibaz. The links cleared through Cornwall thanks to some last minute clearance by Trouserdeagle, ahpook and Rowbs.  See sitrep by +Dave Dean   In Ireland, spidymonkey and Tektron cleared blocks and created a funnel effect with blue blocking fields. A dramatic last minute a scanner glitch meant jayno could not link Holy Island to Hartlepool. Zapster readied Hartlepool for a link inbound from Heligoland, but without a link down from Holy Island there was no chance of an unbroken main link! Then a miracle occurred! A huge field appeared in the North Sea! Norway had linked the UK to Hartlepool and Heligoland, so England was included and the main link stayed intact! Zapster finished the job with a huge field down from Hartlepool to the Dutch coastline. Frantic reloads of intel produced the images you see below. Intel itself was a nightmare on the day, and added significantly  to the challenge. I really hope this can be improved or it will become increasingly difficult to check link clearance. 

Please see +Valerie Wallace 's  sitrep for full details on Stranraer team. Suffice to say that their links were expertly deployed with precise timing, they battled enlightened agents later on at the site, and stayed out until the late evening! All had also been busy with Nightstalker, so this was a sustained day of operations for them. Thank you all so much.

Cities and fields

Individual areas will do their own sitreps, but the overall effect was very impressive. Some areas chose to take the opportunities to turn their whole area blue Nexus20 and his team covered the Essex countryside. Hails35 devised some gorgeous links and fields in the South West.  Kent was a highlight, see sitrep by +Jon Atkins  Scratchybadger covered the suffolk area including the frog town of ipswich. Agents nexus20 and  Acolwill get a special mention for adding over 400k to the MU and clocking up 4 police stops between two agents!

Thank yous

There are too many people to thank, and I hope I have done a fair job of contacting most of you individually. Special mentions to  +John Duffey  for the constant troubleshooting, advice and support given, including scrambling his agents last minute. Thank you to +Martin Chalk  for the excellent mentorship throughout, and for the main link plan. Thank you to my local teams in Norfolk and Suffolk for their encouragement and for holding the fort superbly +Al Ballantine +Lucy Shires +David Baker +Helen Miles et al.  Internationally thank you to +Laurens Groenewegen , +Christian Vandendorpe  +Aymeric Doridam +Edda Ósk Óskarsdóttir  +Heidi Busch  +Vincent Rammelt  +Tzafrir Rehan  and +Matthias ℬ.  for your information, help and friendship, thanks to +Andreas Håkansson  for the morale boost when we thrashed the frogs at #13magnus .  Thanks to Valerie for the chance to be involved, and for being a rock in the middle of a stormy sea. Thanks to the London resistance community for their wit and humour. Thanks to all of those in the Unight8UK community and their teams, who I didn't have time to thank. Your dedication and sheer force of will made this incredible operation possible.

And thanks to the boyfriend +andy malcolm for not being grumpy at the 100hrs+ I put into this project. Ha, you had to read until the end.

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+Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +caroline Bora-Choain +Vincent Rammelt +Matthias ℬ. +Tzafrir Rehan 
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