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id love to go to a starwars convention
They're pretty awesome. I was fortunate enough to attend the last 2, which were held in Orlando in 2010 & 2012. The things you see there and the costumes are amazing. You can even have Star Wars weddings there and there were tattoo artists in the convention too.

Seeing a full sized TIE was just too awesome. 
i would love to have a storm trooper costume and in the corner of that picture i can see some dude dressed as darth maul and he is my favorite charecter
Someone did a Savage Opress... thats pretty awesome
That Wampa costume is AWESOME!!!
and i only see one person with a double bladed lightsaber
seriously thats cool but may i ask yd u pik greedo
and not one of the 400 storm troopers there
all i have is a double bladed lightsaber and a red and black sharpie
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