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Codec2 development is picking up steam!

Yesterday, David Rowe posted a 1950 bit per second candidate version, down from last week's 2100 bps version.

Today, Peter Lawrence tells us that he ported the stock 2500 bps version to the STMicro development board using their 168MHz STM32F407. This part is an an ARM Cortex-M4F, costing $20 in singles from Digikey!

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$89 for 1400 Dhrystone MIPs, runs Linux. Great target hardware for Codec2, I'd say!

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David Rowe is back developing Codec2, and has published samples of a 2100 bps version, down from 2500 bps in the existing version. To my ear, they are pretty darn close. The wav files are attached to the email posting in the following link. What do you think?
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