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I wrote this blog post explaining how I went from being a 10-year-old who wanted to make video games to getting a job in the industry (yes, it took a long time). People often asked, so here goes.

In case you were wondering, Ukraine is still being invaded by Putinstan, and the rest of the world has still done nothing about it. I wonder what the EU and the US will sing when the fuckers start building death camps in Poland and the Czech Republic, renaming the latter back to Czechoslovakia.

Oh, you think that it is impossible and even ridiculous in this day and age in Europe? Well, I did not expect checkpoints around my native city. I didn't expect Russian terrorists (that is a thing now, by the way) to kill 50 people in Odessa, where one of my profile photos (sitting on a terrace drinking compote) was taken. I didn't expect Russian terrorists to take hostages near Donetsk, where my grandfather was born. I did not expect Crimea (imagine Corsica, but bigger and with less civilisation), where I spent every summer vacation as a kid, to be annexed.

This is a friendly reminder that Ukraine is not an abstract geographical entity in some abstract Eastern Europe (whatever that is) that appears in your daily newspaper for entertainment purposes. If you are reading this, you know someone who was born there (my humble self). I assure you, the other 45 million Ukrainians, including my family and friends, are just as real as I am, and none of them want to be killed or taken hostage by Russian soldiers, no matter what language they speak. Not with the rest of the world watching and doing nothing about it. Oh, and by the way, every single person in Ukraine can speak both Russian and Ukrainian, unless they are dyslexic.

Contact your representatives and voice your concern. There is a difference to be made.

You may now resume sharing lolcats.


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Event[0] WIP gameplay footage for you, my dears.

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Right. So a couple of you awesome people asked what they can do to help. US, UK citizens, if you really want to help, please call your representatives and ask what they are doing to stop the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Your countries have signed a treaty with Ukraine when we gave up our nuclear weapons, remind them of that treaty, demand answers. That is the absolute best thing you can do at the moment.

Thank you for your support!

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This short story is a prequel to the game that I’m currently working on, Event[0] ( With Emmanuel Corno (, who is the other game designer on the team, we figured that it made sense for the Story section of the design document to take form of fiction instead of your typical factual description, so today I wrote this story to give some background to our world and characters. 

In a way, this short story is an experiment, as it is the first piece of fiction writing I’ve ever done for a video game that won’t appear in the video game itself, so I guess you could call Event[0] transmedia now (haha, no fucking way). Does not contain spoilers for the game. May contain typos and/or stylistic/grammar mistakes.

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We made a Twitter-based MMORPG for Global Game Jam 2014 (yes, you need a Twitter account). It's called #TVittrSaga You can play it on Mac or Windows, the download link is below!

The world of TVittr is in chaos. The evil king Komm has speculated on the candy market, which lead to a recession, forced the #gvrnment to increase the external candy debt and ultimately lead to a political and tveconomic meltdown. TVeople are in panic: candies are now distributed unevenly and most of them are concentrated in the hands of the richest 1% of the population. You are a new member of the rebel organisation #TVittrSaga. Your goal is to reboot the #tveconomy and build a fair new society where everyone can have as many candies as they want. You have to gather all the candies in the world of TVittr, crush them and defeat king Komm.  #TVittr

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Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies, fellow game developers, members of the Unity community, friends, enemies, lovers and fighters. I am pleased to announce that starting today I am officially a published author. 

My first book is called Practical Game Design with Unity and Playmaker and it is now available for pre-order (20% off!) on the Packt Publishing website. 

If you want to learn how to make a complete game in Unity with as little programming code as humanly possible, this book is for you. PGDUP (nice acronym, amrite?) guides you through the process of making a game in Unity and Playmaker, complete with Kongregate API integration and Photon multiplayer. I also talk about Unity scripting briefly and explain the process of making custom Playmaker actions.

Anyway, it's out. Grab it while it's hot.

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Right. You know what, I had to write this post. I thought that I would be able to distance myself from the whole situation, but tonight something happened that made me think about it again. This is my position on the current situation in Ukraine. I would've gone to the Independence Square today.

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I wrote a blog post about levels of abstraction and formalization in game design. I'd like to hear some of your input on this.
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