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Folks I've run about 30 sessions of DCC for my group and if there's one thing that I believe is a serious short-circuit is that the group has a couple of clerics (3rd lvl and 5th lvl) and the use of word of command has become the go-to for any 'boss' level creature etc... Just a few moments ago I read an account in this community about a DM (+Jen Brinkman ) having the climactic monster quickly dispatched by the cleric when they rolled a 24.

Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of the spell and how useful it is because the creatures just have to 'hear' what's said but they don't even have to understand it... I think the problem is in that the duration even for the low 20's (which is not hard at all for a good Cleric) is in TURNS!

Is any other DM being challenged by this spell? If so what strategies are  you using? I'd rather not go the route that the god (Gorhan) is tired of helping or some such thing (the players are on a mission to recover sacred artifacts for a temple of Gorhan)

I'm including the spell description for your reference:
The cleric speaks a powerful word that carries with it the commanding will of his deity. Creatures hear- ing the word are bound to obey. The word must be a single word, which must describe an action. For example, “go,” “attack,” “retreat,” “speak,” “swim,” “grovel,” “silence,” and so on. The word must be spoken in the direction of a single sentient target within range. That target receives a Will save to resist; if failed, it must obey the command for its next round. The command is interpreted by the creature’s natu- ral thought processes; e.g., issuing an “attack” command to an herbivore may have a different response than to a carnivore. The word of command cannot be longer in length than a single word and may be subject to misinterpretation. If the command is completely contrary to a creature’s natural instinct, it receives a +4 bonus to its Will save to resist; for example, commanding a desert lizard to “swim” or any command of “suicide.”

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DCC says:

"_By wielding his holy symbol and uttering holy words, a cleric can turn away the enemies of his faith. A cleric can attempt to turn away un-dead, demons, and devils. Some clerics of particular faiths may be able to turn away other kinds of creatures, depending on what powers their deities award them._"

Recently I allowed a cleric of "Gorhan" turn a magical creature... Here's the passage for what such a cleric should be able to turn:

"Un-dead, demons, devils, chaotic extraplanar creatures, monsters (e.g., basilisk or medusa), Chaos Primes, chaotic humanoids (e.g., orcs), chaotic dragons"

So the question is... Was I too soft or would a Giant Spider w/ Magical abilities count in the 'monsters' category??

At this pace they will turn lots of things with their powerful "Cleric + Hafling luck combo"..
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