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New York City Vlog #1 - Vivienne Gucwa (info below!) 

This is the start of my NYC vlog series!! I will be vlogging when I am in NYC once or twice a week to start. I am a professional travel photographer so I travel quite a bit but I also do professional photography of New York City (my photography blog is linked below!) which means that when I am in NYC I am usually exploring every nook and cranny of it with my feet and my camera(s). 

Hope you enjoy!

In this video:

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot on the Lower East Side

Rivington Street and Ludlow Street

The Delancey Street F Subway Stop

Bryant Park F Subway Stop

Bryant Park

6th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan

Check out +Daria Musk 's channel here: :)


Camera(s) used:  Sony RX 100 iii 

Notes: Shot this entire vlog in 60 FPS purely by accident since I had been shooting a lot of slow motion last week and never switched settings sadly. :) Don't judge! 


View my New York City photography in a video!:


Where to find me online:

My NYC photography blog (on Tumblr):





Music: ---

Contact me:
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Thanks, good morning:)
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Why don't they pass meaningful legislation instead of slowly eroding our rights after all the second ammendment isn't the only law in the Constitution. Oh I see it is the Constitution they're trying to get rid of,those pesky human rights are always getting in the way of their money's free speech.
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Google's +Bradley Horowitz, at a press Q&A session just now: Google+ is not going away.

Straight from the horse's mouth: 

"Google+ will be changing." 

"There's a renaissance in the thinking of what Google+ is and what it is for." 

"We found it is working incredibly well in connecting people around shared passions and interests." 

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We are fucked!!
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Thanks to +Future of StoryTelling We flew over New York City virtually and it was Awesome!!! 
Omg guys. I flew over New York City like a bird. With wings. And wind. And it was so real. Virtual reality is the coolest.

Ok here's the story... +RAM Rich and I went to the opening night for The +Future of StoryTelling  #SensoryStories  Exhibit at The Museum Of The Moving Image last week. The place was filled with the most remarkable futuristic ways of telling stories... From smelly fairytale books to wild sonic experiences to multiverse-multi-choice short films to a super creepy portrait of a baby that mimics your facial expressions!

But my favorite thing there... and maybe ever... was called Birdly. You lie down in this big apparatus you can see in the photo here, pop on an Occulus Rift and headphones... And the next thing you know you're flying through the skyline of New York City! You can flap your wings, bank through buildings and wind with mist breezes on your face to make the whole thing feel even more real. 

I've never had a flying dream, but I think this was a million times realer... even if it was virtual... and even though I crashed into a skyscraper on my first flight. I felt like a bird, like an angel... 

Damn technology is cool, and the future is so now.

XO, Daria
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Tesla debuted Ludicrous Mode for the Model S sedan that promises a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds. It will be a $13,000 option on top of the base price.
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Ahaha I bet you will be +Danni Efraim ;-D
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Interesting Elon Interview:+)
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This looks really useful. What do you think?
Argo Brothers Inc. is raising funds for Microphone Rocks: Video App for Apple & Android. on Kickstarter! Introducing the new revolutionary VIDEO recording app! Record VIDEO and AUDIO and combine it AUTOMATICALLY!
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Eli Fennell originally shared to Social Media:
Google+ Chief: G+ is Here to Stay (But Will Change)

Another Google I/O has come and gone without a direct mention of Google+ in the keynote address, with the indirect exception of Google Photos, which is now a true standalone service. Remarkably the media, perhaps too busy with real news, isn't jumping to bury the imagined corpse of Google+ just yet.

As if anticipating this, Google+ Chief +Bradley Horowitz​ is already speaking of the reason for the change, and the need for a new direction. Noting that photo storage doesn't jive with the social mission of Google+ (despite the overlap in sharing), it made sense to separate out the product.

Google+, meanwhile, will evolve in the direction many of its earliest users long predicted was its biggest asset: uniting users around common interests. Communities has been one of the most successful areas for Google+, and Collections hopes to continue this trend, along with new unnamed changes to come.

Asked if Google+ is dead, in fact, Horowitz declared that the network is now showing more signs of life than ever, which my own anecdotal observations of late seem to confirm. No longer making it priority #1 to "Kill Facebook", Google+ has a real chance to emerge from the tangled and often hyperniche field of competitors... but only if they offer value and experiences the user can't enjoy or isn't satisfied with on other networks. The "We're Facebook But Better" approach of the Gundotra era fell short of this goal, but Horowitz seems to have a better sense of what the users are asking for.
Google+ isn't going anywhere, but it's going through big changes.
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Tesla's $13,000 home batteries could be leased similarly to SolarCity scheme

Tesla's home batteries has been made available to about 300 customers of SolarCity, a company in which 'Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, is both chairman and a major shareholder.

Investment analyst 'Trip Chowdhry said in an interview that he had happened to meet a couple of these customers at trade shows last year.

One of them had had the system installed for more than a year.
Chowdhry pressed them for details, and here are the basics, according to what he was able to learn:
1. The system is offered, currently, in 10 and 15 kwh configurations to solar customers who do not own electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids.

2. The battery pack costs about $13,000, and Pacific Gas & Electric offers a 50% rebate for using the system presumably because it can be used to decrease load on the grid during peak use hours.

3. Financing is set up for the customer to make an initial $1,500 payment, followed by $15 monthly payments for 10 years at the end of which the battery is returned to SolarCity.

4. Tesla has permission from customers to monitor data from the systems.

5. Tesla packages the battery pack in what Chowdhry described as an attractive cabinet, available in white or a dark color.

+Tesla Motors declined to comment for this article according to +The Guardian.

“It’s clean, it’s quiet and it looks good in the garage,” Chowdry said, adding that it sounded like a worthwhile expenditure for someone who spends $100 to $150 per month on data services for phones, computers, televisions and other devices.

“This is a speculation on our end, based on what we’ve seen on Tesla battery storage, but so far, this makes sense.”

Why install a battery system at home? Chowdhry pointed to customers relying upon constant connection with “the digital highway”, noting that it could take up to 45 minutes to re-power devices and re-set digital clocks when the power went out.

“If you are a gadget person living a digital life – you have iPhones and computers and you always want to be connected – the storage battery is a dream come true,” he said.

Like the batteries that power Tesla’s cars, the residential units are made with lithium ion cells, which the automaker plans someday to manufacture in Nevada at its so-called (and yet-to-be-built) Gigafactory.

The home battery packs would, of course, differ in arrangement from the automotive ones, which are laid out horizontally to fit beneath Tesla’s cars.

Learn more

Read also  
Bloomberg: Tesla has tested batteries for use in home and by businesses in Wal-Mart stores +

#tesla #teslamotors #batteries #batterylife #battery #homebattery #smarthomes #smarthome #solarenergy  

Picture credit: +Simon Dawson/+Bloomberg
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Amazing =), I really like her covers.

The first time I ever sang where somebody could hear me, it was in a small scenario in a karaoke, back in Chile. Before that I chatted with Daria a little, and she told me something that, well, moved me: that I would never sing alone again (as I was alone singing at the place I was staying, and she was working in her music at the same time where she was).

I happened to be hearing her old cover of Viva la Vida.

That is what I sang there, and I didn't feel that I was singing alone ^_^

So yeah, I like her covers =)
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I agree with you sir:+)
Astronaut +Ron Garan:  "I believe as somebody who has fought in combat and spent 25 years in the military... #war  is humanity’s greatest failure." ‪ #TheKeyIsWe   #OrbitalPerspective  
Astronaut Ron Garan opens up about the devastating effects of war on our planet. Interview at AOL HQ in NYC for AOL BUILD. (Photo credit: Getty) 
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I agree.
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