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It's the silence between the notes that makes it music. 🌸🍃🎶

Introducing my new love and obsession, the +Taylor Guitars GS Mini Koa!!! We just met and we're already inseparable! She's coming everywhere with me from now on... And we've got some adventures coming up soon! ::wink wink::

XO, Daria
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Holy Sh..... That's a nice guitar
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RAM Rich

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MY BIG NEWS! ✈️🌍🙌🏼 🎶💕
Announcing Adventures! My First Travel Series!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had an approach→ avoidance→ courage→ joy cycle whenever confronted with challenge. The initial curiosity – about dinosaurs or instruments or auditioning for tv shows – would tether my tiny heart and pull me in, but falter on the edge of the unknown with that nervous-achey-weakness in my knees. I’d step back – afraid of the fierceness of a animatronic brontosaurs or the painful soreness of my hands on the guitar before building up my callouses or the room full of strangers waiting to cast a 4-year-old me on Sesame Street – but only ever for a moment. After the tears and unfounded fears I would surprise even my mama with sudden unprecedented leap off of the cliffs of my comfort zone. And I’d grow to discover that I’m never really happier than I am in that mid-air, omg-I’m-doing-it, transcendent moment. The instantaneous eternity between stage-fright and passionate applause.

I think that phenomenon is adventuressness. It’s something we can practice and cultivate. Something we can encourage in ourselves and inspire in others. It’s a set-up for spectacular, fear-enducing, imposter-syndrome freak-outs and the glorious rush of relief, triumph, gratitude and bliss that follow.

That’s what Adventuress means to me and it’s why I’m diving heart-first into this wildly wonderful uncharted territory – building websites, flying drones, filmmaking, scoring and traveling to capture snippets of songs I find hanging in the rarefied air of the unexplored – with just my trusty guitar slung across my back and my brilliant bff by my side.

I can’t wait to sing you what I find.

Check out to follow along in realtime!

Your Girl Always, Daria

Ps. I should also mention that after a whole childhood of sitting at home while watching other kids invite each other on vacation, skipping college and European-backpacking gap years to play my songs in tiny coffee shops and sticky-floored clubs… I always held fast to the idea that doggedly going after my dreams would eventually bump me into other people like me… Creators and doers and artists and idealists who would be my kindred spirits. Well, I found out you just take that thought, add ten thousand hours and voilà! +Vivienne Gucwa pops onto the radar screen of my social media feeds with her iconic photos filled with otherworldly nostalgic beauty. So, we’re doing this together ‘cause nothing makes you more adventuress than a friend to give you that much-needed push! And… I think it’s safe to say our adventures are gonna kick the metaphorical-ass of any adolescent trip to Disneyland I missed.

#Travel   #Music   #Adventure  
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RAM Rich

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Stay tuned:+)
Dearest Digital Loves, Today is my rebirth day.

A day when the seed of something new is planted. Together we made a rich soil out of livestreams and pixels and posts. Now a fertile stage is set for something fresh. Something that’s been brewing underneath the surface. Something wild and untamed. Born out of raw emotion with it’s bright jagged edges. Watered with sweat and rained on with tears. A rebellious answer to any fears that might’ve held me back before, and hopefully will help you knock on your own door of opportunity too, with me. In unison. Knock. Check, one, two, three. A passionate beast built out of video and stories and melodies. A response to anything that may have ever tried to hold us back, busting brilliantly forward full of love collaged together with poetry and beats and stories. A new delivery system for live online interactive shows and songs and more. An independent artists’ rally cry for more. Freedom from judgements or rules or isms or how-to’s. Today’s just the first clue. So if you want to give me a little birthday wish, come join me on YouTube:

 'Cause there’s a bud ‘bout to bloom soon. A weekly series from me to you. It’s title is for everyone to wear as a badge of honor, to be yourself loudly, to be everything you’re able… It’s called “UNLABELED”.

XO, Daria
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RAM Rich

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Tesla Model M E-Bike.
The only competition it really has is itself.

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I'd ride that for sure. 
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RAM Rich

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Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

XO, Daria
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Have a good one! +RAM Rich 
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RAM Rich

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#MorningMotivation ☕️🎶
When you give up coffee and you're about to launch to huge projects and you're so excited... But you're getting no sleep and you can't wait to tell everyone the secret... 🙊

Hey my beloved G+niuses! You out there? I know I've been in a bit of hibernation lately, but just like spring, I've been getting ready to re-emerge with new music, new projects and new adventures for us to share! And now spring is here! I'll be posting daily again here on G+ and on my other socials too.

I've got a big announcement coming up on Friday, so stay tuned and stay in touch! You can always find me here and on Instagram, Twitter, FB, YouTube and Snapchat now too (@dariamusk)!

Comment and catch me up on what you've been up to!! I miss you!!

XO, Daria
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RAM Rich

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Singing My Way To You Tonight 🎸💕
Songs weave their way through the wood and air to me... Caught on a whisper of almost summer breeze through the window as my voice meets the melodies like lazy late-night lovers bumping into each other in between the beats.

XO, Daria

#music #night #poem
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RAM Rich

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RAM Rich

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Woop! Here's the videoooo! Go watch it with your amazing lady eyeballs!

Ps. Warning:
My résumé...
Singing, yes.
Acting, not so much. 🎤😬

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RAM Rich

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Terrific +RAM Rich GM! 
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RAM Rich

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Daria does a great job  with this COLDPLAY lyric.:+)
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RAM Rich

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A song for Christmas Day;+) Enjoy!
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