Full Disclosure
My name is Aubrey. I am Black. The picture to your left? That's really me. Aubrey is a name of French origin. AFAIK, I'm not of Gallic ancestry. The closest I've been to France are french fries.

Additionally, that dark object perched on my head? That's not my real hair. Srsly. It's what's commonly known as a ski cap. I have never been skiing however and this picture was taken indoors. Ok, that's not entirely correct. It's actually a ski mask (You don't want to know, trust me). I hope you feel safer with my real name and real face, rather than my alter +Benevolent Dick Tater

Except, you're not. This whole name/nym debacle, and yes it is a debacle at this point, has proven very illuminating for me.

Safer With Real Names, Huh?
I thought paranoia, groupthink and elitism were the exclusive reserve of certain political parties here in the States. Apparently it's alive and well in the "tech" community.

There are pedophiles on G+. Like, right now. Using their real names and possibly looking at your children's photos. There are serial bankrupts and frauds on G+ also, ostensibly seeking to do business with you. There are wife cheaters and beaters here as well. Using their real names. What they are not doing, is telling you who they really are.

Bernard Lawrence Madoff didn't steal billions using the handle "L33t 1nve570r 4L1ph3".

Authenticity and the Character of Content
Anonymity vs Pseudonymity vs Full Transparency is a false narrative and paradigm. It simply boils down to Authenticity.

Forget about the Chinese dissidents or Iranian revolutionaries or even the domestic violence and rape victims. Let's bring it back down to Earth.

Many of you pro-TOS/"Transparency" folks give your hard earned money to people using "fake names" every day. You don't care that her "real" name is Myrtle Widebottom. You judge writers, entertainers, comedians and other artists based on their behavior and content. It's really just that simple.

It's stunning with identity theft as rampant as it is, anyone would demand that people use their "real names" in a public forum where a person (or several thousand) can circle you in an instant. Have you people never heard of public records? What about teachers, cops, fire-fighters and public servants (or private ;^) sorry couldn't resist) who wish to speak freely or just vent without having to look over their shoulders?

Some of you never ask to see the DL and SS of a potential date and sleep with them with nary a raised eyebrow, but you are apoplectic at a pseudonym and demand to know "the truth"? You should have exercised that level of due diligence with your last 4 ex's.
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