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Rashmi Arora
Career Analyst and a simple person
Career Analyst and a simple person

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If you want to give happiness to others then it might be possible that you might have to bear some unhappiness, physically or mentally. At the end you will be happy that you were able to bring some happiness to someone.

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Truth is that we do this very frequently but still deny these facts

It is good that NAPTEL - Online courses from IIT's is expanding. Now IIT Madras has taken initiative to introduce online certification courses for Information Technology. It is a very good step in direction of spreading technical education.

For students looking for degree from Delhi university but were unable to get admission in regular course for the benefit of those, I have compiled a page which gives concise, updated information about Delhi University under-graduate and post-graduate DEC approved distance education courses.

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I just re-written page on open universities in India. In that page I have given summary of all the courses offered by 14 open university in table format. Please visit it and get concise information. I Hope it would help students in searching information about ODL courses

I see life as a large collage of different colors. Some are bright and some are dark. This make life colorful and interesting
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