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It is Amazing
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Wow this is an awesome find!! "The White City of the Monkey god" basically a City that was believed to be full of Hybrids has been uncovered!!! Crazy part is there is mystery surrounds some of its discoverers including 'conspiracy theories' hinting at a cover up of giant skeletons. Don't Miss This One!
(A “were-jaguar” effigy, representing a combination of a human and spirit animal. PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVE YODER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) By Lisa Haven Huge new discovery that scientists have been looking for since Hernando Cortez wrote about it in his fifth...
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What These Archaeologists Found All Over The World Is Deeply Disturbing. And Yes, It’s Real.
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In the event of a zombie outbreak, the best place to hide is away from populated areas, scientists have confirmed. A team of researchers decided to model what would happen if an epidemic of the undead hit the United States.
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Lmao! Omg... there is science now folks we dont need to guess.
Nobody has had issue with the plagued ridden prarie dogs in Colorado.

I keep saying it.
They have lost the war on cannabis, and since they are sore losers, and despite 85%+ nation wide approval of cannabis, they are making real cheap shots....ridiculous ass claims.
Only the uneducated buys into this nonsense.
Think of the rabbits!

If the bill passes, the state's wildlife may "cultivate a taste" for the plant, lose their fear of humans, and basically be high all the time. That's according to testimony presented to a Utah Senate panel last week by an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
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Oh geeze. People will try everything to keep marijuana from being legal. LOL!
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Advertising pushing the limit on stupidity!
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Many of you that have been in my circles for a long time now know that I started Google Plus with music. over the years I've been slacking as an artist but not so much as a producer, intense I'm not active as an artist I figured I'd get a little busier as a producer. So I'm sharing this today and probably a few times over the next week to gain as much support as I can. all that I ask from the folks in my circles, is if you will click on the link and rate some of the tracks I currently have up. over the next month I'll be putting up more instrumentals and more actual tracks. What does the few that heard my music before you probably heard some of this already.

.click link
.pick a track, and listen
.rate track using the star rating

Thanks for all the support guys! luv ya! appreciate ya!
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Go my love, go!
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KTTV 5 Breaking news! Carolyn got some scheduled "simple" vaccines before a trip to Africa. Immediately after she had a reaction and now   can't talk walk and is paralyzed, brain damaged and needs 24 hour round the clock care. Her husband  (a PhD in the sciences) says he's still very pro vaccine and hopes this doesn't fuel the anti vaxer movement. They were awarded 7.4 million $ today by US courts of our tax dollars (Drug companies are indemnified and don't have to pay for their mistakes- we pay it) I feel so sorry for her in so many ways. 
Carolyn Schutte and her husband Jim from Missouri  were avid travelers. She was once even the mayor of their local town. They were preparing to go to Africa and she got the usual shots for traveling which included  tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, and typhoid. Two days later she was left with debilitating brain damage, …
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