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i just realized after noticing this page again that it is almost the 3 years anniversary of the original DEV DEV. So what has everyone been up to over the last 3 years?

i amm trying to figure out how to put python code on the web.
i need it to do this for a python game me and a couple other guys are making
is there a way? 
if anyone knows i would very happy 

i cant get the random function to work here is my code

import random
print random.random()

and it throws me  this error
TypeError: 'module' object is not callable

i need help with changing the color of a link it works for a while then just stop working any adivice?

i cannot get css tables to work any one know any  good tutorials for that?

anyone know how to move one side of a border like closer or farther away from something since for my website i need the left side of my border in the middle of my border. if any knows i would be very happy 
p.s i need in the middle so it will look like a dividing line. i would make all sides but the left one invisible

i am trying to find out how to use media queries. I just wanted to ask does anyone know a good post about it? 

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