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Let's Read: The Once and Future King (Ch.21)
AS the ceremony for Kay’s initiation draws nearer, Wart becomes increasingly down. Sir Ector tries to rouse him from his sulking. Wart tries to argue, unconvincingly, that he is not sulking and that Kay is a good person, but we can totally tell that he is u...

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You are a Knight-Interpreter-- Lucky You! (Enchanted Assemblages)
During the middle ages, Arthurian literature was a way for the aristocratic elite to legitimate their rule. It posited a class of morally righteous, economically well off knight-errant who served a lord—a king whose lordship was directly tied to the land’s ...

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Let's Read: The Once and Future King (Ch.20)
Hay-making season again! Will there be any homoerotic moments between two young and naked lads? Nope, not this time! Why? “ Six other years passed by ” (177). Puberty—oh no!!!!! Gotta get those “no homo”s out and about. On a more serious note, I do not thin...

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Nifty Nodes: Decay and Deconstruction (Enchanted Assemblages)
I want you to deconstruct this moment of decay. Now! Remember that post I wrote which I talked about how each Node was associated with a different critical theory? Well, I forgot to mention that each Node also is categorized by whether they are a ‘decay’ or...

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St.Augustine, Pt.2 (Notes:44)
Augustine’s late life would continue to struggle against forms of heretical movements; after the Donatists—mostly a North African phenomena—Augustine would turn his attention to another sect called the Plagenianists a group debated throughout the whole of t...

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Let's Read: The Once and Future King (Ch.19)
Did you all enjoy the geese filled romp from the previous chapter? If you did, then good news! There is more of it! If you didn’t then, bad news… there is more of it. Wart continues his mission of running with the wolves, in this case the wolves being geese...

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What is a Super-Imposed Adaptation? (Enchanted Assemblages)
Again. During my previous string of posts
concerning my adaptation, I had posted something which delineated the
difference between two concepts I called a “Super-imposed Adaptation” and a
“Translated-adaptation”. Since quite a bit of time has passed since t...

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Augustine, Pt.1 (Notes:43)
The Bishop of Hippo, St. Augustine was
perhaps the most important figure of antiquity (the fourth and fifth centuries).
We know a lot about him thanks to his Confessions ,
his autobiography—which some say is maybe the first such Western biography—written

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Let's Read: The Once and Future King (Ch.18)
Not a whole lot happens in this chapter.
Unfortunately. Or, more accurately, it is to say that not a lot interesting
happens; stuff does happen, since it is a longer chapter then previously, but
length does not equal quality. So, Wart is finally transformed...

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Player Fidelity and Submission of Interpretations: or, how Commenting Works (Enchanted Assemblages)
Fun Fact: I used to work on developing a theory of mathematical hermeneutics. As readers of these posts will know,
fidelity in Enchanted Assemblages is
my way to ensure that the player remains faithful to the core idea of the game—that
of interpretation, an...
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