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Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact, you decide!

Here is a summary of the 19 signs, to help you decide if the article is worth your time:

#1 New Software That Will Store And Analyze Millions Of Our Voices
#2 Unmanned Aerial Drones Will Be Used Inside The U.S. To Spy On You
#3 High Tech Government Scanners That Can Secretly Scan You From 164 Feet Away
#4 The DNA Of Newborn Babies Born All Over The United States Is Systematically Collected
#5 Twitter Is Being Used To Monitor You
#6 Your Cell Phone Is Spying On You
#7 Students Are Increasingly Being Tracked By RFID Microchips
#8 Spy Cams In Hospitals To Monitor Handwashing
#9 Spyware That Monitors The Behavior Of Government Workers
#10 The NSA Warrantless Surveillance Programs
#11 Pre-Crime Surveillance Technology
#12 Mobile Backscatter Vans
#13 Automated License Plate Readers
#14 Data Mining
#15 The Growing Use Of Facial Recognition Technology
#16 Rapid DNA Testing
#17 The FBI's Next Generation Identification System
#18 The NYPD's Domain Awareness System
#19 Trapwire

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The government says, just trust us and we will protect you.  Do you trust the government, especially the NYPD?  Pepper spraying  NYPD officers immediately come to mind.  Uh Huh...

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Round the clock public surveillance anyone?

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Do you like getting tickets in the mail?  All for a good cause, right?

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Interesting, very very interesting...

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Here's another anthology of recent Zombie Apocalypse news stories.  I was just noting to my family about the recent two events, but come to find out that there are more.

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What is going on?  Is there a trend here?
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