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xUbuntu 12.10
Python 2.7

Any way to auto-complete text on same line in terminal without \t completion?

Asking here is my last resort. 

I have a simple terminal based application that retrieves live NHL and NBA scores, and also downloads/plays podcasts from

I wan't to implement a feature that will auto-complete user input on the same line in the terminal. I've seen code that uses <tab>\t to complete, but completes on the next line.

For example:
>>> b completes to The Backhand Shelf
>>> j completes to The Basketball Jones
>>> n completes to NHL 
and so on. 

Thanks in advance

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Was made aware of this from a fellow archer in IRC ...... :D

Any better ways to remove real orphans other than yaourt -Qtd. 

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#prometheus  I wonder what the Weyland corp 10.11.12 date at the end of the credits meant? It couldn't be the sequel, that's too soon. That date really has me wondering.

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Finally a new band I can listen to.

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I saw this and laughed. :)

#facebook #ipo

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At three years old this kid already rules harder than most of us ever will.

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IMHO, everyone is spending too much time defending or attacking bills like SOPA/PIPA/OPEN and not enough time looking at the Copyright system. This isn't the 1920s anymore. Things are very different now, and different rules must be applied. The entire Copyright system needs to be revamped for today's new age. Target the source of the problem, not the symptoms.

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