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My workflow at Ello.
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See tehranchik's work on Ello.
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Also, bei euch schon November....♥♥♥
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Kat Tehranchi

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Things I'm working on.
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Kat Tehranchi

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A very gentle kiss.
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+Jan Vermeulen
He was fabulous Jan!
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Kat Tehranchi

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I asked him if there were any requirements.....he said "not really" so I told him I was putting him on the internet he said thanks!
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+Kat Tehranchi​ haaaha! Lol.
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Kat Tehranchi

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Via +Sarah Brill
What a beautiful sound! Excellent +Robert T. Best
So here it is, the new Weight of Ankhs track


You can listen to on Bandcamp, +SoundCloud and you will be able to find it on the +Google Play store, as well as Play Music as soon as Google has cleared it.

Right now I am just one guy with one guitar
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Thank you Kat. Thank you so much.
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Kat Tehranchi

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Thanks google!
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+João Oliveira +Robert T. Best  +Debbie Newell  +bill camp 
Thanks guys.
I'm back in all but one page....picasa and that's where all of my pics are so not much posting from me til I find a way in. I will only be able to post from phone. :(
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Kat Tehranchi

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Early morning rain in Portland.
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Kat Tehranchi

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The first couple of minutes show the contortionist but I loved the drummer!
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Yeah my arm hurts now thanks!
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Kat Tehranchi

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Less is more
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Super! Next step is telling the branch to lose its refelction :)
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Kat Tehranchi

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If you LOVE would be a shame for you to miss this! It's stunning!
Thank you +Véronique Passerotte 

Kat Tehranchi

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For +Rob Patterson
Great minds ; )
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Like the detail and composition, super greens.
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Kat Tehranchi

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Iranian Festival PSU South Park Blocks 8/6/16
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+Heinz Udo Zemlin
It is a very rich culture. The art is amazing as is the music, dance and poets!
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Franz Fanon
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walking with Hasselblad - last day in Gondar, Ethiopia during this trip to Ethiopia i was equipped with two cameras - my everyday Canon mkii