By the way... Hence forth call me "Dr Richard Garriott de Cayeux"! Got married July 1st, took the de Cayeux from my wife, turned 50 July 4th, and last week became "doctor" via and honorary doctor of science degree from Queen Mary University London! 
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July was full of incredible accomplishments for you! Congrats Richard! Very happy for you.
My honest congratulations! And yet another proof of the theory that living the good life pays off tenfold. Way to go, Lor- erm... Dr. British? Sire?
Congratulations on your wedding and the doctorate! I'm normally pretty ambivalent to honorary degrees given out by universities, but in this case yours is fully deserved!
Quite a transformation! Now only to be knighted by the Queen for a trifecta? Did you get to keep the robe?! :)
Congratulations x3! Clark (ex-Origin)
Can't top that type of week!! Wow..Congrats Richard!!
Wow, July 2011 -- a biiiig month! (And good for you on taking on your wife's name -- I remember we talked about that concept a few years back. Cool.)
Thanks! I kept the robe, and was invited to a costumed birthday party in NYC for which I wore the robe... when I arrived as the only one in costume, it was a surprise party from my wife and our NY friends for my graduation. :)
Congratulations, Richard! Love these good news.
Ellie D
You are kidding me! I can't believe you are a "Dr." now! LOL! Well you deserve it after all the studying you did to learn Russian and how to operate the spacecraft! WAY TO GO!!! So proud of you! Can't wait to tell Mom and Dad! xoxox
Now EF, er eh ED, tell me what Shav's means... You owe me big time! I will haunt you from Heaven or Hell, for your withholding!
Congratulations are in order! Wow, seems like only yesterday you were a young pup at Dragon Con talking about the Ultima series and Smith the Horse.
Remember Doug Wood? I wonder what ever happened to him. He was a heck of a nice kid. When is the last time you visited us here at Dragon? It seems it has been a while. The convention has grown. a lot!!!
It was great to see you at Dragon Con this year!
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