My snake pendant enter twines with my wife's de Cayeux family emblem pretty well! We now have our own symbol! 
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Beautiful cake. Congratulations!
That is absolutely full of win. Too pretty to eat.
Awesome! And quite regal as well.
Yes, very noble: gratz!
I agree this looks awesome! Some thing new from the past
Beautiful crest. I'd love to see that made into a real cast metal shield. You it hang with your collections or even on your gate. That'd be a really neat thing to see. :)
I linked then commented about the cake on my page so I could put my comment about the "suprising lack of Runes"...In Runes :) a very nice clean design none the less. Wish google+ let you post a pic inside a comment on someone else's page. I'd get a lot more use out of the Rune word processor my co-worker and I wrote.
the snake brings back memories... Your worlds rocked my teen-age, Lord British. bows
Very cool looking design! Very nice!!
Congrats! Oh, you do remember that you promised to leave me Britannia Manor in your will long ago, right? I have witnesses! :)
LB, Congratulations! Interesting decision on the hyphenated last name. I recall a late night conversation with you along with my wife and a bet we had related to this. I’m sure you don’t recall (it was an OSI Holiday Party) however it's nice to see my comments were correct.Good Luck and take care!
hey +Dennis Byers , you were in OSI? On the final user side, I was a big fan of of Origin Systems (mostly for the Ultima titles), you guys literally changed the way I grew up as a teen ager! From time to time, I still play the Black Gate...
Ellie D
This is awesome! I love the new family crest! Great job combining them together! I love it! It makes me hungry just looking at it!
Congratulations! Didn't even know you were dating!
Richard, that is really cool! How the heck are you? I know you do not remember me at all, but you and I have crossed paths more than once in life. (Dragon Con mostly, I was on staff with them for years.)
I was active for some time in the late 90s in the UDIC newsgroup... Those were the days!
I remember the UDIC I was Skeeve Dragon. good Times.
arm arm
Thank you Richard 
Ellie D
That totally ROCKS! I LOVE IT!!!
Bob M
Someone said you were making another Ultima game? I guess that was a Limited post :(
Jane and Bob, that game is being made by Mythic (owned by EA) with no input from Richard. I think he has given some level of well-wishing to the Mythic team. In that game they will have a LADY British.

However, it looks like Richard is working on an Ultima spiritual successor.
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