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Luke Mandala
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Eugene, Oregon
Portland, Oregon - Humboldt, Oregon - Sacramento, California - San Diego, California
DJ/Producer/label Owner ~ Released with Booka Shade Music, Addictech, Desert Trax, Activated, etc..
This is the music page for Luke Mandala. Connect with me here and I will send out lot's of exciting info, free tracks and DJ mixes!

Bookings: pragmanagement at


AIM: LukeMandala
Skype: LukeMandala

2/11:: (Coos Bay) Bass Shrapnel (Main Stage) 
2/18:: (Eugene) I Love Techno (500+peeps) warehouse 
**2/24:: (Seattle) TRIBAL with Starborne Productions
3/1:: Harmonize @cowfish 
3/8:: Harmonize @cowfish 
3/15:: Harmonize @cowfish 
3/23:: (Eugene) Gift Back To Gaia 
4/13:: (Eugene) Sonic Boom 
**4/14:: (Medford) Waterworld 
4/26:: Harmonize with Manoj @cowfish 
5/10:: Harmonize @cowfish 
5/11:: (Shasta) Trifecta 
5/24:: Harmonize @cowfish 
**6/2:: (L.A.) 19 Year MOONTRIBE ANNIVERSARY in the desert outside L.A. 
6/7:: Harmonize with Deafchild @cowfish 
6/16:: (Eugene) Park party! and later that night at a private party (Pm me for details)
6/21:: Harmonize @cowfish 
6/22:: (Idaho) Eugene's stage at Esthetic Evolution 
**6/29:: (Oregon) HUMAN NATURE FESTIVAL! (3AM main stage Friday night) 
7/5:: Harmonize @cowfish 
7/12:: Harmonize @cowfish 
7/19:: ( Harmonize @ Cowfish 
**7/20:: (Ashland) MYSTIC GARDEN FESTIVAL 
**7/21:: (Washington) PHOTOSYNTHESIS FESTIVAL (11pm Sat. night) 
**7/27:: (Oregon) FAIRY WORLDS FESTIVAL (Friday night 130am-3am) 
8/2:: Harmonize @cowfish 
8/3:: (Portland) Static @ Groovesuite 
8/10 (PDX) Tech Trek Festival 
8/16:: Harmonize @cowfish 
**8/18:: (Oregon) 4TH DIMENSION FESTIVAL (Sat night) (cancelled) 
8/30:: (Eugene) Harmonize ~ FULL MOON Celebration!!@cowfish 
9/1:: (Orcas Island near Seattle) Private event with Michael Manahan 
9/9:: (Portland) Playground 
9/13:: (Eugene) Pretty Lights after party @cowfish 
9/15:: (Portland) MoPro party with Hedflux/Cheb I Sabbah 
9/23 (C.A.) Stilldream Festival 
9/24 and on.. available for booking.

To download some of my latest DJ and Live mixes>>>

Luke Mandala - Booka Shade Records, Addictech Records, Desert Trax, Activated Recordings ((

From atmospheric to high energy dance music, Luke's sounds have been released on many of the biggest labels releasing underground music such as Booka Shade Records, Definitive Recordings, Addictech Records, Baroque Records, Manual Music, Desert Trax, Future lovers from the Plusquam Records label group, Fever, Onelove Recordings, as well as the Kindred Sounds Label Group, Lohit Records, Cubic Digital, Tarantic, Shiva, Slanted House, Telepathy Digital, Progress, Ambiosphere, etc. Luke's extensive release catalog has gained plays and/or chartings from high profile DJ's such as John Acquaviva, Nick Warren, Beltek, Anthony Pappa, Murray Richardson, Boris Brejcha, Treavor/Brad Moontribe, Kriece, Kevin Shiu, Michael Manahan, Tomcraft, etc. Luke's remix of Booka Shade's "Regenerate" was released on Booka Shade Records and was featured on Anthony Pappa's cover mount CD of DJ Magazine. The Infinite EP Luke released on Addictech Records reached #1 in the charts for sales at Addictech. 

Activated Recordings (Beatport) is launched by Luke in November 2008 which so far includes artists such as Kriece, Tony Thomas, Jan Van Lier, Taurus and Vaggeli, Michael Manahan, Daniel Mehes, Alterimage, Phidelity, and others. Check it out here:

Luke's passion with cutting edge sound began in the underground electronic dance scene's of the West Coast USA, inspired by events from The Oracle Gatherings, Moontribe, the Wicked crew, etc. With over 14 years experience mixing dance music live, organizing events, and running large sound systems, Luke has gained experienced with a large variety of dance floors around the world.With Luke's DJ/Live sets, depending on crowd you may encounter elements of underground techno, tech house, progressive, breaks, slower tempo bass music, dub, funk, etc. Utilizing his intuitive sensitivity to emotional atmosphere and the crowds current groove, Luke's sets are geared toward an empathic and warmly affectionate journey out of the ego and to a place of body movement, inspiration, unification, and play. Luke has released some of his past chill-out and bass music influenced dance music under the moniker "Tingly". His music has flown him around the world to various countries and for many years he has been performing at large scale main stages including multiple Oracle Gatherings, Zuvuya III (Palenque, Mexico), Esthetic Evolution, multiple Fire Festivals, North West Earthdance Festival, and many more. Luke owned and teched a large 20,000 watt Turbosound sound system and 40-foot veggie-oil touring bus from 2005-2008 for the main stages at an Oracle Gathering, Emergency Festival, Goa Gill in California and Oregon, etc. He has organized over 60 bi-monthly full scale dance events (200-300+ people) almost constantly since 2003 all around the North West of the United States and in other countries while traveling. Luke's love and passion for the healing dance music scene will be present for many years to come.

Demos - LukeMandala[at]
Bookings - A.W.L.Gatherings[at]
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Upcoming releases / remixes:

-Multiple EP's lined up for Addictech Records!

Luke Mandala - 'I Love Eugene' and 'Let It Flow' coming out on Eelke Kleijn's label Outside The Box Music with remixes..

Desert Dwellers - You Can See Forever (Luke Mandala Remix) [Desert Trax]

Releases can be located for preview and purchase at and

2012 Releases

*Luke Mandala Feat. Kyrstyn Pixton - Celestial Fire [Activated Recordings] 
*Luke Mandala - Cosmic Funk Sauce [Activated Recordings] 
-with remixes by Ghost Wire and Michael Maricle
*Michael Manahan - Tutsis Revenge (Luke Mandala Remix) [Activated Recordings]

2011 Releases

*Treavor Moontribe - Return Of Sunshine (Luke Mandala Remix) [Desert Trax]
*Rolando Vallice - The 2nd Argument (Luke Mandala Remix) [Manual Music]
*Luke Mandala - All Together Now [Addictech Records]
*Luke Mandala - The Strength Of Compassion [Addictech Records]
*Luke Mandala - Hero [Addictech Records]
*Luke Mandala - Calling Home [Desert Trax]
*Luke Mandala - Man Overboard [Desert Trax] 
*Luke Mandala, Paul Hazendonk - Precious [Stolen Moments] 
*Luke Mandala, Paul Hazendonk - Demolition [Stolen Moments] 
*Chris Tremens - Play Play (Luke Mandala Remix) [Subsensory Recordings] 
*Kriece, Luke Mandala - Monster Truck W/remixes by Tragic Life Stories, D-Lav, Shlavens [Activated Recordings]
*Miroslav Pavlovic - Tanyah (Paul Hazendonk & Luke Mandala Remix) [Estrada Recordings]
*Chloe Harris - Wah (Luke Mandala Remix) [Tulipa] 
*Luke Mandala and Sonja - Aquarius Moon [Future Lovers]
*Mythicall (aka Luke Mandala) - Peaceful Intensity [Future Lovers]
*John Manning - Nil Satis (Luke Mandala Remix) [Future Lovers]
*The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Tingly aka Luke Mandala remix) [Activated Recordings]
*Tingly (aka Luke Mandala) - Mycelium Dreaming [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala and Paul Hazendonk - Sparkle Pony [Manual Music]
*Luke Mandala - Frank [Kindred Sounds]
*Luke Mandala - Angelic Uplift [Lohit Recordings] ~ Including remixes by Kash Trivedi and Vicious & K
*Luke Mandala - Cereal [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Why Do You Dance [Activated Recordings] ~ Including a remix by Alessandro Diga
*Luke Mandala - My Angels Mantra (Activated Recordings)
*Luke Mandala - Keep Spacing Off [Activated Recordings] ~ with remixes by Alterimage, Alessandro Diga, and Faithfull
*Luke Mandala - Purpose [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala and DJ Moshka - Bipolar [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Sonja Is Fascinated [Activated Recordings]
*Booka Shade - Regenerate [Luke Mandala Remix] [Onelove Recordings and Get Physical Music]
*Roy Avni - Horz (Luke Mandala and Paul Hazendonk Remix) [Manual Music]
*Luke Mandala - Funk And Flap (Activated Recordings)
*DJ Moshka - T.M.F.S.R (Luke Mandala Remix) (Activated Recordings)
*Jan van Lier and Luke Mandala - Leviathan [Lohit Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Light (Light Version) [Lohit Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Wish Washy Flying Hippos [Lohit Recordings]

2010 Releases

*Luke Mandala - Pebbles (Manuel Music)
*Booka Shade - Regenerate (Luke Mandala Remix) [Get Physical Music]
*Luke Mandala - One Day (Original and Dub versions) [Baroque Records]
*Luke Mandala - Let It Go [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Light (Light Version) [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Light (Percussive Version) [Activated Recordings]
*Kriece - Tarmac Mirage (Luke Mandala Remix) [Destroy The Ego]
*Luke Mandala - Daisy The Dog [Activated Recordings]
*Tony Thomas - Roots (Luke Mandala Remix) [New Era Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Don't Forget To Shake Your Booty [Activated Recordings] ~ w/remixes from Daniel Mehes and Mike Montano
*Luke Mandala - Wish Washy Flying Hippos [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Animal [Activated Recordings] ~ w/remix from Shlavens and D-Lav, and Hector Villavueva
*Luke Mandala - Sugar [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Transcend [Activated Recordings]
*Luke Mandala - Peaceful Passion [Kindred Sounds] ~ w/remix from Silinder
*Luke Mandala - Anahatas Acid (Original) [Activated Recordings] ~ w/remixes from Jak Jaxon and Adam Jay
*Jan van Lier - Deep Floor (Luke Mandala Remix) [Definitive Recordings]

2009 Releases

*Ivan-I and Jason Howell - Once Wounded (Luke Mandala Remix)[Tarantic Records] 2009-9-03
*Kriece - The Button That Launches The Rockets (Luke Mandala Remix) [Destroy The Ego] 2009-7-30
*Jan van Lier and Luke Mandala - Leviathan (Remembrance aka Luke Mandala Remix) [Activated Recordings] 2008-7-01
*Jan van Lier and Luke Mandala - Leviathan [Activated Recordings] (with remixes by Phidelity and Jon Cates) 2008-7-01
*Mythicall (aka Luke Mandala) - Peaceful Passion (Luke Mandala Remix) [Activated Recordings] 2008-5-06
*Mythicall (aka Luke Mandala) - Peaceful Passion [Activated Recordings] 2008-5-06
*Presslaboys - Unnopiuvoglia (Luke Mandala Remix) [Slanted House] 2009-4-30
*Astraglide - Love Song Feat. Tuesday (Luke Mandala Remix)[Ambiosphere Recordings] 2009-4-06
*Just 1 Side and Yann Solo - Streets of New York (Luke Mandala Remix) [New Era Recordings] 2009-3-05
*Dance Through It [Activated Recordings] (with remixes from Kriece and D-Lav) 2009-1-05
*Ready And Willing [Activated Recordings] 2009-1-05

2008 Releases

*Playful Passion [Activated Recordings] 2008-12-12
*Uplift [Activated Recordings] (with remix by Jan van Lier) 2008-12-12
*Trin's Dragon Potion Feat. Trinity Rain O'Conner [Activated Recordings] 2008-11-05 (With remixes by Tony Thomas and Jan van Lier)
*Cheer Up Buttercup [Cubic Records, New Era Recordings] (with remixes by Jak Jakson, Vortex, and Upnoise) 2008-6-26
*Tony Thomas - Process (Luke Mandala Remix) [New Era Recordings] 2008-6-26
*Melt - Potassium (Luke Mandala Remix) [Telepathy Digital] 2008-6-26
*Sasquatch [Cubic Records, Shiva Records] (with remixes by Tony Thomas, Z-Listers, DJ Hal) 2008-6-06
*Sunrise [Shiva Records] 2008-5-01
*Learning To Play [Shiva Records] 2008-5-01
*Nothing Is Wrong [Shiva Records] 2008-5-01
*Light Within Darkness [Shiva Records] 2008-5-01
*The Volcano Beneath [Shiva Records] (including edits from Melt) 2008-5-01
*Turbocharged [Tarantic Records] (with remixes by Jan van Lier, Amit Shoham, and Max Julien,) 2008-3-06
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Luke Mandala

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Luke Mandala

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Luke Mandala
Luke Mandala - She Sees Beauty (190kbps)
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Luke Mandala

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Luke Mandala

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That's a Kink remix.. 
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Luke Mandala

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Signalfy Sounds
LUKE MANDALA at the Belmont Bodega Signalfy Showcase // NW House Music Conference in Portland, OR
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Luke Mandala

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New tech house track out today alongside another remix from Pezzner!
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Luke Mandala

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My favorite recent tunes! 
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Luke Mandala

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One of my favorite songs from Ott! 
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