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So, I went to LTUE this year. I pitched to two publishers, and they are both interested in having me submit.

Jollyfish publishing
Future House publishing.

I might make this book thing happen just yet.

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Pondering the Christmas Story
I've had a number of thoughts this Christmas, and given the spirit of season, I felt it appropriate to publicly share what I've come to learn. When we consider the Christmas story and what happened in Bethlehem 2000 years ago, the story we hear today is rom...

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Election Year Lingo
Every election year, and especially during presidential elections, I find myself thinking, "Oh, yeah, I remember that word."  It's like running into an old friend at the supermarket and catching up.  Then I'll think, "Such an awesome word, I need to use it ...

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Medieval Gems for Writers: Wearing a Sword on Your Back
The digital watch is not period. I’ve recently found a Historical European Martial Arts
(HEMA) group to practice with. They study techniques with the two-handed
longsword, and the hand-and-a-half (AKA "bastard") longsword.  One day at practice, we got into ...

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My Reading List for 2015
It’s amazing how much I’ve read this year, considering how little extra time I have.  In January I started teaching a course on algorithms and data structures for Brigham Young University’s Salt Like Center.  In addition to that, I began teaching a third-ye...

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Medieval Gems for Writers: Manners in the Middle Ages
One of the more common myths about the middle ages was that people had no manners.  To illustrate, several years ago my wife and I attended a medieval style banquet at The Excalibur, in Las Vegas.  We ate whole chickens with our hands.  For drink I had a la...


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What Did You Read in 2014?
If you're a writer, you're probably an avid reader as well, and if you're like me then you're always looking for something good.  January is a great time to set goals and try new things, so what a better time to blog about what you read in 2014? My Reading ...

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My Reading List For 2014
This year I tried to read A LOT, and I did.  Here’s what I read, in no particular order.

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Plain Talk on Using Said
Let’s talk about dialog in writing.  More to the point, let’s talk about how to skillfully use (or not use) the word ‘said’.

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Making it Quotable
My wife and I were talking about the Star Wars movies the
other night, and I made the off-hand comment that no one has ever quoted episodes I, II, or III. And my next thought was, why?  Read on for more...

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