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Khangaroo “Flaminghex” Dangaroo
Let me be a part of the narrative in a story they will write someday..
Let me be a part of the narrative in a story they will write someday..

"Let me be a part of the narrative in the story they will write someday, let this moment be the first chapter where you decide to stay."

-Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, Hamilton the Musical ~

I'm finally back after probably a year's worth.

Anyone wanna chat? I got some freetime probably, and tomorrow I'll have plenty of freetime.

If anyone wants to catch up, I may not remember because I've been busy recently and I've been talking on Skype, but if you need something or want to catch up, just chat with me.

Anywho, call me Khangaroo or Khang.
Call me what you want.


What's this group about~?

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I can see them. 

Their two gentle , and fragile faces. 

Lizzie and Mika , I was told to protect them.

I failed to do so , I couldn't control Lizzie anymore. She was too attached to the walkers. I thought I could stabilize her. I guess I was just wrong.

Mika  , a victim. She was too innocent , a little girl who had her hopes and dreams. She couldn't kill anyone , and I never wanted to either , but after seeing my daughter Sophia. I think , I had just let go.

Both are now gone , and now in heaven . No matter where they are , I can still hear them , and see them , my beautiful little angels. They aren't devils, satanic , or daemonic .

They just didn't understand this world too well.

They weren't ready for this world. They may have not been my daughters , but they sure seemed like it.. And when we found that house.. I thought..- 

I thought I could be happy again.

But I guess..they just weren't ready and..

Everything works out the way it's supposed to.

Good night , my little angels.


Which deaths so far were the saddest for you, and don't worry , I will obviously put a spoiler alert as a warning . If you're on any season behind 6 , you can still put whatever characters' deaths that were the saddest for you . It's your choice . xP

Spoiler Alert! _obviously

At season 1 - Jacqui was surprisingly sad , due to her death in the CDC's explosion , but I think most of us would understand if the world like this was difficult , and we wouldn't want to keep living like this , killing and just surviving everyday. 

Season 2 - Otis , Sophia , and Patricia . Otis looked like a good guy , and maybe really cool . He seemed really nervous though , so I kind of actually felt bad as he died making a run for supplies. 
Sophia's death was unexpected , looking at those fragile legs , you could see how small they were , and you could actually see them kind of fragile. It was sad that Sophia actually died , but let's be honest , The Walking Dead is cold in many ways.
Patricia wasn't a character I didn't really get much information of , but she lost her husband , Otis , a long time ago , and I think she was pretty much broken after that , but chose to keep living , as Beth had difficulty in doing , but eventually chose life.

Season 3 - Milton and Andrea.
Milton was very intelligent and independent , he looked really nervous like Otis , but he took it in a respectable manner , he liked Andrea , and honestly , Andrea should've been with him , but he attempted to save Andrea , but failed in doing so , it's kind of sad though really.
Andrea -  at the end of the season , was bitten , and killed herself before reanimation , she finally got to do what she had wanted to do in a long time. She and Michonne had a friendly relationship , and they had their differences and similarities , but they still were next to each other's side as they first met , as one also died.

Season 4 - Hershel , Lizzie & Mika .

Hershel - He  was a really wise old man , and he was basically one of the powerful symbols in the group. He had so much hope in his eyes. You could see it , but as soon as the Governor cut him , and later cutting his head off , I could feel my heart just sink. He was the only thing left of Beth and Maggie. Now they only have each other.

Lizzie & Mika - Both were blessed children , but one of them was troubled , Lizzie killed Mika to show that walkers were just like humans to Carol and Tyreese.
Carol had to shoot her own ' daughter ' , to keep them for being safe. Like in season 2 , she lost everything she had.

Season 5 - Bob , Beth , Tyreese , Noah.

Bob - He loved Sasha , and treated her like any man should. He was very kind and intelligent , but when he was in that food bank , taken to the water , I already knew he was bit , I didn't know why , but the fact he was taken into the water with no signs of a walker biting was suspicious. When Tyreese had to put him down , I didn't cry , but we have to be honest , Bob was a good man indeed.

Beth - An all-time favorite character , alone in season 5 until the mid-season finale . Maggie wanted her alive , she was all she had, her seeing that Beth was dead broke her, and I think that broke everyone too .

Tyreese - Man , his death was extremely sad and depressing , seeing him get bit , and hallucinate was too much , Tyreese turned out to be stubborn when Karen died , but he grew out of it eventually , his death affected some of the characters , and Sasha extremely... It runs in the family , doesn't it?

Noah - Nicholas was a DUMBASS , LIKE OMG - I mean , Noah's death was unexpected , we knew someone was going to die there , and I probably shouldn't have thought Nicholas was going to die , because obviously Glenn wasn't going to. But either Noah or Nicholas would die , but we all know how that turns out. He was a good kid .

Season 6 - Deanna

Deanna - She died killing walkers , and being ripped apart by them , originally she was going to kill herself , but.. She let herself distract the last bit of walkers in the house. She lost her husband , Reggie , and that made her engulf in flames , wish she could've lasted longer , but her chances of survival were low even before..

Anyway , that's my opinion , who's deaths were the saddest for you all?

And yes , I did have this much time to do this , I'm lonely ;w;

You don't have to make the layout of what I did , but yeah...



Why does the walking dead have a grudge against little girls , like especially me ;-;

Like first Sophia , my precious first child , walks out of a barn , zombified

Then I find Mika and Lizzie to be my new daughters , key word , " new " .

Then Lizzie goes insane , but I still love her ;-; , and slaughters Mika , my angelic little princess.

Then I have to shoot Lizzie in the head , due to her insanity , God , Jesus.


Anyone online?

By the way , is the #OCContest  still going on?


Who reported my friend Peridrito? Like seriously , be honest. Who did it?

I'm curious , and I swear to god , if I get reported just for asking T^T

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Everything , but 1. :) 

I'll try to answer everything at once , but if I have like 100.

Please , don't kill me ;-;
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