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+Steve Вrantley​ He's at it again...
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+Steve Вrantley​ trying a new one tonight. Ever had it?

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I can't remember if I suggested this, but have you given any thought to MMS backup. Currently using SMS backup and restore from Carbonite and it works great, but would obviously love to eliminate an app.

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+Chris Lacy​ I can't seem to change the search box style to just have white text instead of the Google color. Picture attached. Any suggestions?

Having an issue with contact information updating. For example, if there's a contact not in my phone and I go into a message thread > menu button > view contact, it will pop up with a dailogue asking "Add .... to contacts". I click OK and then it takes me to the contacts app where I can either add the number to an existing contact or create a new one. After creating a contact and then going back to the thread, the contact name is not displayed, it still shows the number. Same with the thread list. Let me know if you need any clarification.

Having an issue where messages sent from the browser/chrome app(extension) don't send or sync with the phone. If I then send the message from the phone, it'll show up in the browser. I then have two of the same message in the browser but only one on the phone

Was looking through the posts, but didn't see anything. Do you have plans for a widget?

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STOP bullying developers on app reviews

If there is one thing that absolutely infuriates me is users bullying developers on Play Store app reviews, more specifically:

Review: "App needs X feature because I need it. Give it to me in the next update. Will consider re-rating".
1 star

This is the worse and most VILE form of bullying towards developers. And even worse when:

1 - The app does 100% of what it says it does
2 - Everything is 100% explicit in the description
3 - The screenshots show everything and all the features

In what world or universe does anyone think that fucking with the developer will get their way? Do they really think things will change just because they downrated and demand features/changes to cater to their magical & special needs?? Comon, get a grip.

Something needs to happen regarding reviews & perceived value for users. I don't have the answer, but Google needs to do something to smooth this archaic form of classifying apps. And I speak against myself, my main app has 4.8 rating with over 12k reviews, but how does any of the initial reviews from 5 years ago matter anymore? This is a haystack in a big scheme of things, but something seriously has to change. I don't have the answers right now, but I'm more than happy to try and figure them out together with Google/other developers.

If you agree then do something, reach out to Google, send them feedback, share this post, generate some awareness. Something has to give. I know other devs think the same. I'll do my part and try and reach out to Google.

Stop the app's review bullying, it doesn't work, it's retarded and annoying.
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