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Passionate Landscape Photographer
Passionate Landscape Photographer

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Slowly Submerged

Hazy skies are the norm here during the summer. Last night was one of those odd days when some rare natural colour managed to please a hopeful natural light chaser like myself.

Nothing spectacular by any means but it makes up for a great change to the usual dull summer sunsets on the island.

Shot on Canon 5D MkIII - 16-35/4 IS - Haida 1.8 ND - Hitech Rev GND 0.9 - Lucroit 100mm Filter Holder

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Me and my buddy +Raico Rosenberg  had been talking for long that we wanted to bag a shot of a rising supermoon behind Mt Teide from this lesser known angle. We were standing on top of a smaller volcano to get this viewpoint.

This August the rising moon was taking place an hour after sunset so I could take advantage of the late twilight glow to get a clean shot of the landscape, rather than shooting it backlit by the harsh moonlight later on. Then I waited for the moon to rise to get the shots needed for the moon and stars.

The landscape and the sky were shot with my Canon 17-40 while the moon was shot with the Canon 70-300 L. I always prefer to shoot the moon with a slightly longer lens, in cases like this, as wide angle really tend to push the moon away and make it much smaller than it appears in reality.

Then three frames were blended together in edit.

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This place was challenging indeed to shoot as to get the two "eyes" in this iconic rock you had to wade out quite deep. On top of this, the actual rock plus the surrounding grounds were higher placed than the foreground area which makes you shooting most of the scene in deep shadows.

The light wasn't the best so I waited for that orange twilight to set in to get some colour in the sky. As grad filters don't work in scenes like this I had to grab a few different exposures to cover the dynamic range and get some details into the rocks.

Canon 5D MkIII - Lucroit Filter Holder + Haida 1.8 ND + Polariser


#landscapephotography   #naturephotography #tenerife #lucroit #canonphotography #hqsplandscape    #leefilters #reallyrightstuff #hitech #filter #seascapephotography #haidafilter #asturias  

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Let the Light Speak

An image from my local haunt a few weeks ago when I was trying out the new Lucroit Filter Holder with my buddy +Raico Rosenberg. The high tide had covered most of the usual compositional features on this beach so I simply had to go with getting some motion and textures in there.

Canon 5D MkIII with Lucroit 100mm Filter Holder and Lee 0.9 Soft GND + Hitech 0.9 Reverse GND filters.

I am really pleased over my recent sponsorship deal with Lucroit, where I will be leading their Instagram team. Check out their awesome filter holder system at


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The Gorton Footbrigde

I stumbled upon this lovely looking footbridge late in the evening on our way out from Gorton Creek in the Columbia River Gorge. I really liked the subtle light coming through to highlight the lush spring greens.

Canon 5D MKIII - Canon 17-40 +Singh-Ray Filters  LB ColorCombo Polarizer

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Breaking the norm

High up on the Ucanca plain these enormous puddles only forms after heavy rains. The severe storm we had in November filled up the puddles just the way I wanted.

The startrails are made of various exposures of 3 mins each and later stacked in post. Separate exposures at very high iso were needed for the reflection and the mountains. Then everything were blended together in various layers in PS. I choose to do subtle comet like trails for an added sense of motion.

In the reflection I finally went for static stars as the image became way to busy for my liking with the reflecting star trails.

In the image you see the snow capped Mt Teide and the light behind the jagged ridge is the light pollution from a nearby village.

#landscapephotography #tenerife #teide #nightphotography #nightscapes #startrails #astrophotography  

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After the Storm

This was shot during a short break between the two storms that hit Tenerife just before Christmas.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New 2014 and thank everyone for the outstanding support last year!!

Hoya ND400 + Hitech 0.9 Reverse GND (3 brackets merged in Photomatix)

#landscapephotography #tenerife #seascapephotography #longexposurephotography #canaryislands  

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Whitman County Growers

A perfect evening in The Palouse with my good friend +Justin Reznick

#palouse #washington #landscapephotography #hills #whitman #singhrayfilters  

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Holding up the Sky

Mount Teide can be seen from countless areas around the island as it's placed right in the middle of Tenerife. Few angles impress me as much as this one though. It's the only place where you can appreciate the full volcano in view, from its peak at 3,718 m (12,198 ft) to the base at sea level.

Here you can see the classic sea of clouds covering the Orotava Valley and Mount Teide with a recent dusting of snow

According to legend the aboriginal Guanches thought Teide was holding up the sky and housed evil forces.

Due the high dynamic range in this scene I opted to shoot 7 brackets and merge to HDR in Photomatix in combination of some manual blending.

#tenerife #mountainphotography #landscapephotography #canaryislands #hdrphotography  

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Diamonds in the Sky

One of the best things living on Tenerife is the incredibly clear skies we have up in Teide National Park. Being able to drive up at 2300m in less than 45 mins is pure luxury. When you stop the car and switch of the lights the spectacle slowly starts to appear in front of your eyes. I have been up here so many nights but I still get goosebumps every time. Being so high up, far away from light pollution and noise gives you a sense of closeness to the stars which is hard to describe.
Late spring the most spectacular part of the Milky Way slowly becomes visible high up in the sky. The area around the Scorpius constellation with the many nebulas, gases and space dust is truly remarkable too see with your own eyes.
This is Tenerifes most iconic landmark, Roque Cinchado.

  #tenerife #nightphotography #milkyway #astrophotography #canaryislands   #landscapephotography  
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