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This week was tough, but I'll keep on smiling 

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I Want this

I HATE RENDERING! Computers need to just be fast and not render at would make life so much more easier...right? Oh well I guess ill have to just deal with it untill we can just beam images from our minds...that'll be bad ass!

I would love to do a vlogcandy type thing...unless knowone knows what that is...then I just sound crazy don't I...

I just realized I haven't gone on deviantart in so long! Wow...

My youtube channel is Go see my daily videos!

Its gonna be really hhard to shoot all this stuff my self and still be in it. Lmao I need a clone! Does anyone know a good clone store!? It would really come in handy! Unless you just wanna help me shoot so Awesome video?

Have so many skits planed for my youtube channel! But for now ill have to stick to the daily vidoes untill everything is all planed out!

Hey what's up google+ anything new?

I Do have a new blog! Go see
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