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Working and writing, writing and working
Working and writing, writing and working

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BLOOD: CHUD fan fiction - 'Strangest Things'
IBARRA AND MAXIMILLIAN MEEHAN Copyright 2017 Bowie Ibarra, Maximillian Meehan I. “Hey,
Goldie.  You hear about that explosion in
SoHo?”      The
man at the business end of the question curled his lip into his trademark

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FIGHTS: Brantwijn Serra Rides in the Weird West
ZBFBOOKS.COM HAD A CHANCE TO SHOOT THE BREEZE WITH A WEIRD WESTERNER - Where are you writing out of? Brantwijn Serra - I'm writing out of sunny SoCali, which is not the most ideal place for a pluviophile like me, but it has it's charms. ZBF - ...

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FIGHTS: The Weird West with Dominic Stabile
A STRONG VOICE IN THE WEIRD WEST GENRE SITS DOWN WITH ZBFBOOKS.COM - What part of the world are you writing out of? Dominic Stabile - I’m currently living in a small Maine town called Penobscot. I’m from South Carolina, so most of my fiction ta...

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FIGHTS: Alana Melos slings her brand of erotic Weird West
DELILAH DEVILSHOT IS DANGEROUS AND DELIGHTFUL BY Bowie Ibarra - So Alana, where do you write your erotic weird westerns? Alana Melos - South Dakota. Not the middle of nowhere, but next to it. ZBF - How did you get into the Weird West? AM - Dead...

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FIGHTS: ZBFbooks Interviews #WeirdWestern Author David J. West
DAVID J. WEST BRINGS SOME GREAT TITLES TO THE WEIRD WEST WORLD by Bowie V. Ibarra - What part of the world are you writing out of? David J. West - I was born in Utah, grew up in Montana, moved to Utah got married, back to Montana, got divorced,...

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BLOOD: Editorial - 'The Walking Dead' Head Bashing
Apparently, some folks are pissing their pants over how 'graphic' and 'violent' that 'The Walking Dead' premiere was. Since some folks, for whatever reason, didn't get the memo, cc, bcc, what have you, or, perhaps, missed seasons past where an old man got h...

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BLOOD: Lindsey Beth Goddard releases "Ashes of Another Life"
GODDARD CREATES TENSE ATMOSPHER IN POLYGAMY-THEMED THRILLER - How excited are you about your new title? Lindsey Beth Goddard - Super excited! Ashes of Another Life is my first novella. Prior to this book, only my short stories and poetry had ...

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FIGHTS: #Boxing - Marquez/Pacquiao I
ONE OF THE BEST SLUGFESTS OF ALL TIME Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez is one of boxing's biggest rivalries.  Both sluggers threw down multiple times until Marquez finally got the best of him in a knockout years after this fight. But if you haven't se...

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FIGHTS: #Netflix #LukeCage is great #Marvel entertainment wants you to know that the Netflix Marvel series 'Luke Cage' comes highly recommended.  Great story, great characters, great action. Check it out today.

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BLOOD: Movie Review - Rob Zombie's "31"
ZOMBIE BRINGS ANOTHER ARYSY-FARTSY HORROR JOYRIDE by Bowie V. Ibarra Rob Zombie brings another one of his horror joyrides in 31, and you should check it out. The plot is one of his more outrageous ideas about a group of carnies that gets kidnapped by a grou...
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