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Anita Houghton
When They Made Me They Broke The Mould
When They Made Me They Broke The Mould

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New Hair

Ok - so i'm finding more and more people that i know on here - but i still have no clue wtf to do!

Hmmmm - just got a new eyebrow ring - it's rainbow coloured,took me half an hour to get it in - and now it's in - i'm not sure if 1, i like it and 2,if it's too big! And now i can't get it out! Fabulous! Off to work we go then!

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Why is my stream news not in order? Post people made days ago are randomly at the top! nothing makes sense!

I'm still struggling to grasp this malarky!

Just made the ultimate sunday breakfast! Heart attack on a plate - but never mind - extra work at the gym tomo!

Google plus is like trying to get into a cool new club. Only to find out it's half empty.

Watching the LFC match and still tryna figure this out :/
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