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On relicensing etiquette
Almost 10 years ago, I wrote a simple throwaway script to migrate book collections from Anobii to Goodreads . Because I thought others could use it, I slapped a MIT license on it and released it. Back then Github was just a fledging startup (I didn't even o...

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OWC 12-port Thunderbolt2 dock review
As you probably know, recently the Apple world has been rocked by the release of new MacBookPro models. One of the arguments of contention is the drastic switch to USB-C / Thunderbolt 3. Not by coincidence, I've recently decided to finally splurge for a Thu...

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Best way to get locale info and localized strings on Python
One area where Windows often beats the Unix tradition is internationalisation. Traditional POSIX interfaces assume there will be One And Only One set of internationalised conventions (display language, date format etc) at runtime, and are mostly concerned w...

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On fixing hardware
There is a certain satisfaction in fixing hardware. It can be pretty trivial at times: unscrew a bunch of pieces, replace the broken bit, screw everything back together. The worst that can happen is to end up with one or two screws that don't seem to go any...

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CSL Vertical Mouse Review
A couple of weeks ago, I started experiencing a bit of recurring pain in the right forearm. I put it down to a few heavy sessions of MiniMetro , a game where you have to constantly drag & drop between points on the screen; the Magic Trackpad, even rotated i...

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How to (not) handle OneDrive/Sharepoint "Sync Now" on Mac OSX
This bugged me for a bit and finally got around (almost) fixing it yesterday, so I thought I'd record it for posterity. Microsoft Office365 will usually include a Sharepoint implementation of some sort. Sharepoint now integrates with OneDrive (aka "Microsof...

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THe Nify Minidrive is a Nifty Hack
I know it's fashionable to hate on the Nifty Minidrive : "overpriced SD adapter!" "I can get an equivalent one for $2!". Truth is, it's an ingenious hack; a well executed, high-quality concept conceived by two local Manchester lads with a Kickstarter campai...

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Change your login background in OSX
A little something for my long-suffering OSX readers: a simple script to change your login background. Save it in /usr/local/bin and execute like this (the first line is necessary only on first usage): sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/

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A simple extension of mine, to refresh my XHR knowledge.

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how to fix jEdit 5.3.0 on OSX with Retina screen
jEdit is a great little editor: very flexible, much plugins, such macros, so java. However, for some reason jEdit developers strenuously refuse to fix their OSX package to support Retina screens. Three years since these screens started getting popular, you ...
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