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ACN Business Opportunity Largest Direct Seller of Essential Home Services
ACN Business Opportunity Largest Direct Seller of Essential Home Services


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ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions member, Art Napolitano, might be visiting a city near you!

He is currently in Europe to attend and speak at no fewer than 14 Regional Events in just 15 days! By attending one of these events, you will have the chance to learn from the best in the business. Be inspired and informed on your way to the top.
Do not miss the opportunity to learn from this exceptional leader!

Check your ACN in Action inbox for more details on each specific event:

Wednesday, 23 April - Glasgow, United Kingdom
Thursday, 24 April - Helsinki, Finland 
Friday, 25 April - Hammel, Denmark
Saturday, 26 April - Copenhagen, Denmark 
Sunday, 27 April - Barcelona, Spain 
Monday, 28 April - Madrid, Spain 
Tuesday, 29 April - Murcia, Spain 
Wednesday, 30 April - Malaga, Spain

Events in May
Friday, 2 May - Rome, Italy 
Saturday, 3 May - Catania, Italy 
Sunday, 4 May - Milan, Italy
Monday, 5 May - Porto, Portugal 
Tuesday, 6 May - Freiburg, Germany
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Announcing the Launch of New ACN Mobile Calling and Broadband Plans in Sweden!

As announced at the Rotterdam International Convention, ACN is delighted to announce a new range of competitive mobile calling and broadband plans in Sweden!

This new range of plans will enhance your customer acquisition opportunity. You are now also able to offer customers a complete range of SIMs as ACN is introducing Nano SIMs for all mobile calling plans. The customer should simply select the desired SIM type on the Mobile Telephone Agreement (MTA).

New Mobile Calling Plans 
There are 4 new voice plans available for you to sign up new customers: ACN Discovery, ACN Explore, ACN Adventure and ACN Mobile Freedom. Once customers are on these call plans, they can remain active for as long as they wish.

Highlights of the bundles

One-time activation fee is reduced from 198 SEK to 49 SEK
Free ACN-to-ACN calling within Sweden
Free number porting and free voicemail withing Sweden
Customers are able to choose between standard, micro and Nano SIMs
Per second billing applies to domestic calls
Customers receive a warning SMS before they reach their bundle maximum
12-month contract applies

How to sign up
New customers can sign up on any available plans and order the SIM of their choice enabling you to offer the complete range of SIMs to your customers by simply selecting the SIM type on the Mobile Telephone Agreement (MTA).
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Did You Miss the Chance to Hear Larry Raskin at the Rotterdam International Convention?

Watch his training now on SUCCESS on Demand's ACN Exclusive Videos.

To access this inspiring video, click the Access SUCCESS on Demand link from the My Website section of your MyACN for Representatives website and then choose ACN Exclusive Videos in the ACN Content drop-down menu. Look for: Track 1: “Charlotte 2014: ACN Vice President Larry Raskin on How to Become a Mentally Tough Network Marketing Professional”.

Do not forget that the Success Audio and ACN Leadership Series are also available from this menu.

SUCCESS on Demand features a wealth of personal development material from top ACN leaders and renowned motivational speakers and is exclusively available to subscribers of Your Business Assistant Plus.

Your Business Assistant Plus subscribers gain access to three incredible ACN tools - SUCCESS on Demand, the ACN Contact Centre, and ACN Web Conferencing (powered by AnyMeeting) - in addition to the standard Your Business Assistant features such as the Downline Reporting tool, an ACN Distributor Website, the ACN2Go Europe iPad® app, Rep Alerts and more!*

Existing Your Business Assistant subscribers can upgrade to Your Business Assistant Plus by visiting the Preferences section of MyACN for Representatives and choosing Subscriptions from the menu.

The ACN Contact Centre, SUCCESS on Demand and ACN Web Conferencing (powered by Any Meeting) websites are currently only available in English. Marketing materials in the ACN Contact Centre are available in English, French and Spanish. Some materials and videos are also in Italian and Hungarian.
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New Benevita Vanilla Shake-It!

As announced at the Rotterdam International Convention - 
Introducing the new Benevita Shake-It! flavour Vanilla!

Shake-It! is now available in the new delicate and divine flavour of Vanilla!

The elegance of vanilla and the soft scent of its essence is something that should be tasted and enjoyed every day. Experience this luxury with Benevita's vegetarian meal replacement shake, Vanilla Shake-It! which contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and 3 non-GMO plant based proteins. Benevita is the perfect way to align your body, mind and lifestyle of eating with the ultimate level of health, mental clarity and balance.

Place your order now via the Wellness icon on your ACN Online Shop.
The good life starts today!
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Announcing the Barcelona International Training Event!

International events are the best way to grow your business and present the ACN Opportunity in the most compelling environment you can find. They also give attendees a clear understanding of ACN’s vision today and for the future.

Be sure to pre-register today for the ACN International Training Event to be held in beautiful Barcelona, Spain from 27-29 June, 2014.

ACN will welcome back special guest speaker Mr. Donald J. Trump as he makes his second appearance at an ACN Europe event! In addition to Mr. Trump, this event will also feature best-selling author, Mr. Darren Hardy.

Bring everyone you know to Barcelona for what is expected to be the most exciting and inspirational European ACN event ever.

Get your tickets early! 
The Pre-Registration special price is €139 (including VAT) 
until 1st May, 2014
The on-site price is €199

There are two ways to pre-register:

Log into MyACN for Representatives and go to the Events - Europe page to register online.
Download the pre-registration form from - ACN's online event brochure.
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"We all have two choices: We can make a living or we can design a life." 

- Jim Rohn
What is your choice?
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Venus de Belgique et de France, ce groupe de 150 Représentants et invités enthousiastes ont visité le siège européen d’ACN à Amsterdam, avec au programme une visite guidée ainsi que des présentations faites par Wayne Holbrook, le Vice-président des ventes Europe, et par les responsables des différents services !

A group of 150 Representatives and guests from Belgium and France visited the ACN European Headquarters in Amsterdam for a day of tours and presentations from Vice President of European Sales Wayne Holbrook and department managers!
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"The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch." 

- Jim Rohn
What will you do today?
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A large group of Representatives from Spain visited the ACN European Headquarters in Amsterdam today! They were given a tour of the office and received a special presentation on Benevita from the European Vice-President of Sales, Mr. Wayne Holbrook. Other ACN senior executives gave insightful presentations on a number of topics pertinent to every ACN Representative's business. 

Un nutrido grupo de representantes de España estuvieron hoy en la sede europea de ACN en Ámsterdam. Visitaron las oficinas y recibieron una presentación especial sobre Benevita de la mano de Wayne Holbrook, vicepresidente de ventas en Europa. Otros directivos de la empresa dieron completas presentaciones sobre diversos temas de interés para los negocios de los representantes de ACN.
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ACN Co-Founder Mr. Mike Cupisz was in London for a sold-out National Event in London this past weekend, alongside European Vice-President of Sales, Mr. Wayne Holbrook, and Circle of Champions members Bash Bokhari, Myriam de la Sierra and Jamal Uddin, as well as a number of Regional Vice Presidents.
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