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PLEASE READ TAYLOR ......So there is this boy named adam and we dated for a year and a half and we went to the same school since kindergarden and so we dated for a while and then we both fell in love. then in 2013, I moved to atlanta georgia and we were still dating at the time so he was n california and I was in georgia . As people say long distance relationships dont always work out . As always mines didnt and it sucked . I broke up with him because he got sexual all of a sudden he told me to a pic of my boobs obviouly I didnt I really ashamed to tell you guys this beacuase you giys will either say dont get back together with him and all that anyway.....2014 new years I asked him if we can get back together and he said "I already have a girlfriend sorry" so j was ib the bathroom talking to him on the phone because my parents never knew or they wouldve freaked out .... so
As you all know its summer and I grew up in california, fresno so I came back for the summer and my birthday is in 10 days on the 26 and so im going to invite him to my birthday party and invite the rest of his friends that are my friends anyway I was depressed I always though about killing myself becuase he will never love me again please taylor help me I need your ILYSM!!!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN - NALINA CRUZ 

samone kheunkham

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Hello! I love Your music. You are Awesome.
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