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Watch free streaming movies online!
Watch free streaming movies online!

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Dead or Alive: Nothing to Lose
The Magnificent Dead takes place in the 1870’s in the small Texas town of Rosewood where local rancher Jared Hamilton and his men have declared war on the town, using fear and death to prevent a new railroad line from coming through. Guided by a priest, Fat...

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Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils
A condemned man’s benevolent act turns out to be a desperate bid for freedom in this action thriller. Rudy Salazar (Danny Trejo) is a multiple murderer who has been sentenced to death, but an expected act of generosity takes him off death row. His sentence ...

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Best Movies to Marathon
A movie marathon is a sure sign of devotion and dedication to the art of film making and movie watching. If you are looking for ways to show your love for film, plot, characters and lengthy experience, these movie installments are right for you.    Here are...

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Best Valentine’s Idea: Watch Free Movies Online
Admit it. Right now, you’re thinking, “How in the
world can it be the best Valentine’s Day idea to watch free movies online?” It
might seem bizarre for an activity so simple to fit the bill of being a
“romantic and special” date, but think about it for a mi...

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Watch Free Movies Online: Creepy Found Footages
When the
movie you’re watching claims that it “contains actual footage”, you’ll know
that you’re watching a found footage film, a horror sub-genre which began with 1999’s The Blair Witch Project . Nothing
could be more chilling than watching a movie seeming...

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Why Your Family Should Watch Free Movies Online
If you’ve got
quality time to spend with your family one weekend night, why not prepare the
couch, bring out your comfiest pillows and blankets, and have a movie date with
them? Movie nights at home are undoubtedly cheaper and more convenient than
driving a...

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Worst Movie Sequels Since 2000
In the movie industry, capturing the magic twice is a tall order. Some movies fail in making sequels for a better—or, at least, different--follow-up. After all, if you’re not changing the game during the second time around, you’re only making things worse f...

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Watch Free Movies Online on the Spitfire
Australia was never invaded during World War II, but
it doesn't mean it was never attacked. In those tumultuous years, it committed
troops and hardware to the fight against the Axis Forces. The stubborn defence
of Bataan in 1942 drew more Japanese troops in...

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Top 5 Best Sequels Since 2000
Finding a good sequel to a movie is rare compared to finding a good movie remake. Making sequels is attractive to creators and producers because there is less risk in returning to a story with known popularity than developing new characters and untested plo...

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Watch Free Movies Online: Dinosaur Island
Seven people on a boat get
pulled into the Bermuda Triangle by a heavy storm. A mysterious bright light
appears, and they all lose consciousness. When they awaken, they’re adrift near
a mysterious island with no means of communication and no working instrum...
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