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I had an absolutely fabulous experience yesterday at South Charlotte Nissan. After expressing interest online in a 2009 Murano, and identifying a few potential cars, I was greeted at the door and introduced to 'Tim' (and I'm so sorry I forgot to get Tim's last name!! Such a great young man, very nicely dressed,and extremely polite. The first thing he said to me was, I'm here to show you what we have, based on what you want, and what you need. Tim showed me a few vehicles, and I quickly narrowed in on one I liked - but my husband is the car guy, and a tree had fallen on our house so he couldn't come with - so Jacques, Tim's sales manager, said, 'hey no worries, you and Tim take a ride out to your house and let him try it for himself!'. So off we went, and we were a few hours with all the commuting, test driving, and chatting. Never did Tim appear rushed, impatient, or bored. We had a great conversation about life in general, and he continued to let me progress at my own speed. Next on to Jacques. Yet another icon of GQ and personality! Jacques and I had a straight talk about my finances and rates; length of financing; options; and flexibility. It took a few times, but we worked out a suitable arrangement that worked for both of us - and yes, we both made concessions. Finally, on to Bobby - the 'Finance guy' - my always dreaded encounter. Bobby wiped out all my prior bad experiences with his first question. 'Why do you want to do XX, when YY would be much better for you, and would give you more options to minimize your out of pocket costs? Drawing on the back of a piece of scrap paper, he outlined a few 'better ideas', and my deal got even better and more affordable. We zipped through the paperwork, and I was out of there with a car that I loved; a deal I could live with; and 3 new friends. I brought my granddaughter back to introduce her to Tim later on that day......I've been buying cars at South Charlotte Nissan since 1985, and this was my hands down best experience yet!
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