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Setting a daily routine to improve digestion, increase energy, and feel your best.

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Smart idea! Google+ Hangouts for pet adoptions.
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In honor of National Pet Day, the +ASPCA has joined forces with +Yahoo! and +Google to launch the first ever +Google+ Adoption Event Hangout live on air! 

ASPCA partner #animalshelters from across the country will be selected to join the hangout and feature #pets currently up for #adoption . The event will be hosted on the ASPCA Google+ page and will be facilitated by +Yahoo News and ASPCA pet experts.

The ASPCA experts will also feature adoptable #cats and #dogs from the Adoption Centers. Guest appearances include:

Matthew Bershadker, President & CEO of +ASPCA 
Laura Moss of +Mother Nature 
Liz Harris of +Yahoo! 
The most amazing cat on the planet, +Lil BUB 
Danielle Maveal, GM of Social Good for +BarkBox 
+Jackson Galaxy, Star of +Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell"  
Jessica Shyba of #theoandbeau  
+Randall Randall, the voice of the Honey Badger 
TunaMeltsMyHeart (
Justin the Fire Survivor Kitten (

Viewers will be able to inquire about the adoptable pets, donate to a special ASPCA fund, and engage with fellow pet lovers, animal experts, and pet adoption advocates.

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If you or your kids suffer from eczema, allergies, rashes or asthma, food combinations like milk or yogurt and fruit could be to blame. A list of food combinations that may be wreaking havoc on your health. #ayurveda   #health   #diet   Thanks, +Elephant Journal!

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Defy the aging process and relieve stress with an age-old Ayurvedic practice called abhyanga.

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Is health merely the absence of disease? Ayurveda's multi-faceted definition may change your thinking. #ayurveda 

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After a week of holiday eating, does your digestion need a break? Try this recipe to bring things back into balance. 

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Ayurveda's wisdom for all the ladies out there and some home remedies, too.  

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A famous supermodel once said that nothing tastes as good as thin feels, but I'd revise that to say that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. Get the lowdown on the "ayurveda food pyramid" and how to incorporate foods that support your unique body composition. #ayurveda   #diet   #health   #lifestyle   #dosha  

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Do you eat the same foods year-round? Find out what you should be eating in the fall so you stay healthy and learn some overall wellness tips from ayurveda's ancient wisdom.

#ayurveda   #ayurvedaremedies   #healthyeating  

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Healthy is the new sexy! How to exercise the ayurvedic way for your body type and age. 
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