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Rani Divine
Author of "Telekinetic," "Coetir: People of the Woods," & "Cedwig: People in the Vines"
Author of "Telekinetic," "Coetir: People of the Woods," & "Cedwig: People in the Vines"


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Shorter is better?
We’ve almost made it
through the week! We’re so close, can you believe it? And I have an amusing
little tidbit to share with you today, that I noticed over the holidays and
couldn’t find a way to properly express… so I’m sharing it now. Sometimes, I like sh...
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Hey guys! How are you
doing? Well, I hope. This month, as you well
know, we’re talking about anything and everything. It’s catch-all month, and
I’m actually finding this to be a lot of fun. It’s a great way for me to get to
talk to you guys about topics I d...
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Write the whole thing first
I’m back! And on time!
Be proud of me. Seriously. I have so much going on today it’s not even funny (I
say that, and yet I try to always laugh through my longer and harder days…). Today, I actually have
something writing-related that I want to talk to you a...
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Hi guys! Sorry about the mixup
again last week. I’m determined to get things back in order this year, so it
won’t happen again. I hope. Actually, it’ll probably happen again at some
point, but thank you all for sticking with me through it. My schedule for
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Divine Reads
Have you checked out Divine Reads yet? I mentioned it a little
bit on Tuesday. I actually posted about my New Year’s goals there, before
talking about it anywhere else. And that’s what you can expect out of Divine
Reads in the future as well. It’s my new Fa...
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Happy New Year,
everyone! I hope you all had
amazing weekends, stayed safe, and had a grand time ushering in the New Year.
As for me, I got to spend it with my family and best of friends, so I’d say it
was a great time all around. This month, I couldn’t
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Bye, bye, 2017...
It’s the final post of
the year, in Too Many Books to Count !
I can hardly believe January is just around the corner. Honestly, I don’t think
I’m ready for it, at all. I was having too much fun with Christmas, wore myself
out, and now the end of the season ...
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Hey guys! How was your Christmas?  You know how, when you grow up with one thing, it’s hard to conceptualize
something different? Like, I grew up with Christmas, just Christmas, so I
sometimes have difficulty even remembering that other holidays exist, or t...
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A Divine Christmas
Hey everybody :) Thanks for checking in! Now that we’ve
completed our series for the month, I have a few personal things I’d like to
take some time to talk about. It’s the holidays, it’s Christmas for my family,
Christmas and New Year’s, and there’s a lot t...
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We write words
Today, my friends, we’ve
reached the final episode of our series, Treat Yourself. Yeah, I know, there’s
still a week and a half left of this month, this year, but I want to take the
rest of that time to talk about other things. I have some more personal pos...
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