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Will you be watching?
Apple today updated its website to announce that it will indeed be streaming the September 9 iPhone event. A new Live page includes a countdown to the event and a note that it will host the event stream next Tuesday. Apple will also likely stream the event to the Apple TV with a dedicated...

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You can never be too alert to scammers. So glad he got you this time +Linda Buquet and thanks for sharing 
Google "Places" Telemarketing Scammer - Caught in Lies on Tape!   Outright lie after outright lie!!!  (Recording below.)  Now I realize these calls happen to businesses all day long. We get a ton of complaints at the Google Forum. But you never know if the caller really lied and said they were with Google and would delete the listing, or if they just used tricky wording to imply it.

You don't understand how bad and intimidating these calls can be to a naive business owner, until you hear one like this. In this case, there was no implying or word games to just mislead...

*He outright said my listing would be deleted in 72 hours if I didn't verify it with him.

He flat out lied and said he worked for Google TWICE!*

#googlemybusiness #googlelocal #localseo #google  

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Goodnight G+ friends
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Very cool idea.

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Nothing like an early morning trip to the greenhouse to get your inspiration flowing! Happy Saturday!
Florida Flowers
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As a little girl, I remember the magic of watching fireflies emerge out of the grass at dusk. This is a great family project to take on this summer - magic and science all wrapped together in one neat package!

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Wait. It's already Monday?

Thanks +Arthur Carpio for the gorgeous image!

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Coffee is being made late this morning - but that's okay. Hit the ground running pretty early so it's a perfect time to take a break. Have a great weekend friends! Get out there and relax a little.

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The world lost an amazing poet today. Rest in Peace Maya Angelou. Your loss will be felt for years to come.
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